Spiritual Experiences


He was flogging the jogging for a while alright. And did some park bench dogging before that.


25 bags? The English must be right filthy fuckers.


I had to pick up a few used johnies, filthy bastards, not as bad as Ireland though


I’m having a spiritual experience right now


Probably the immigrants what done it innit bruv


You are some addition to the United Kingdom.


Is it like digging for gold? At least percy french had a sense of irony


I don’t get the PL bit.

Something like that in blighty would be better called clegging


Did you come across any used syringes?


That’s a great question, Fran.


The answer will tell us a lot


The head on that fucker annoys me. I don’t suppose you’d consider an avatar change?




Thank you. That’ll do. :+1:


Throw on the headphones and close the eyes for 5 minutes. Savage stuff.