Spiritual Experiences


Debbie Harry dancing around the Top of the Pops studio in a swimsuit caused me a similar awakening.


It was the caramel bunny for me…the heady mix of fluffy tail, long legs and chocolate. An unrequited love however


I woke up this morning and spent 10 minutes in a sense of heightened awareness.


I’m at a crossroads in life. Left, right or straight on? Recent events in life have unsettled me. What’s it all about?


Pushing 42 have all the material stuff. But I need something deeper and meaningful


A extreme diet is the way to go I think




Try not being such a dick. Try it for a day, see how it goes.


I’d give anything for a bit of clarity of thought. Haven’t had in a few days.


You need someone to love and someone to love you back… And a good ride.

  • Write a book of poetry about the secular powers of the Atlantic and so on
  • Start a charity to help travellers
  • Join the IRA
  • become a mass-shooter in the USA
  • Become a professional gambler

That’s all I can think of.


Do a triathlon. Seems to work for most in midlife crisis. Have an affair is the usual option.


I sat on the beach there as the Sun came up and experienced a moment of clarity, I know now what I need to do.


Sleep on your back while on the park bench?


Straight on



If you don’t know what you don’t know then you will never know.


Are you planning on buying a crow banger by any chance?


Did you ever consider the priesthood?


Yes I have. I can’t reconcile parts of my life with what is required to fully fulfill my obligations as a priest