Spiritual Experiences


Which parts?


The tan parts


the use of his private parts


Drug and alcohol abuse. Prostitution.


There is nothing more pure than a reformed hoor. Repent and be done with it. It is conflicting with your natural pre-disposition and hence the turmoil you are experiencing. Let go, let God.


When did you start prostituting yourself?


Stay out this


Are you in it with him?


Your dreadfully boring opinion isn’t wanted here Mildred.


if he was a faggot you wouldnt speak to him like that you dirty little cunt


I didn’t offer an opinion you thick.


There’s no need for that kind of talk. Be civil please.


Another boring response from Mildred


Afraid to answer the question I see.


Go find some other thread to kill with your dullness Mildred


Please stop lads


If you don’t want to be a priest how about some order of monk


Ever the peacemaker


Life s picture is constantly undergoing change. The spirit beholds a new world every moment. - Rumi


Leave your front and back door open. Allow your thoughts to come and go. Just don’t serve them tea…
— Shunryu Suzuki