Spiritual Experiences


9 hours straight? I haven’t slept 9 hours straight in 16 years I’d say.


Have you tried a steroid nasal spray like Flonase? Have been battling chronic sinusitis for decades and just started on it as last resort before considering another rotorouter appointment.


Go to bed at 9pm once a week mate. Its the dogs bollox.


I’ve tried them all mate. A daily rincing routine works best as maintenance. When the common cold sets in then its times to intervene and up the game and ensure it doesn’t turn into a full blown sinus infection. Going for a CT scan anyway to see the lie of the land, I’ve a deviated septum thanks to getting 12 stitches down the side of the nose after a south Galway derby back in the late 90s. Might need to get that realigned.


I’d give dietary interventions a shot first pal (if you haven’t already). Coming off all dairy, caffeine, and possibly wheat (inflammatory foods, so could be causing inflammation in nasal passages). Suffered for years too, and only dietary changes had any lasting impact.

Steroids are not a good solution. They’ll simply mask the issue, which is akin to pulling the blinds in a burning house.


Get the immune system in serious shape before that surgery - take shit tons of L-Lysene to stave off the inevitable onslaught of ulcers that comes from having gauze packed into your throat. Also, if you’re prone to getting a cold when seasons change make sure to schedule accordingly!


Did I just post about ulcers in a spiritual experiences thread? Ah crap…


Yeah, let’s get this back on track.

Considering returning to Hot Yoga for the winter. Will report on any outer body experiences in coming weeks.


Me too mate.

Do you find an hour and a half of sweating buckets with a room full of women wearing just bicycle shorts and sports bras produces outer body experiences?



It has brought me to elevated places I thought I’d never go mate.


I’m sure the missus finds you much invigorated.


Are you really a roaster? This is very un-roasterish behaviour from you.


An incredibly spiritual and out of body experience for me this morning between 6.55am and 7.21am. Basically I ran on water at several points of my sunrise jog. I glided along the surface at a rapid pace - didn’t even make a splash. 9.22km in 26:25 according to my GPS and without breaking a sweat too. Spiritual.




I hope the big red dot isn’t your gaff!


Deviated septum is definitely a factor and it’s minor surgery compared to drilling of the sinus openings. It should help I would think like anything else that opens up the passageways.
Was it an Ardrahan cunt that split your nose?


The problem is it’s impossible to avoid the great majority of the problem which is airborne, unless you don’t go outside which isn’t an option. Your immune system is the problem attacking what it seems as harmful invaders which are in fact relatively harmless. In that regard steroids do calm down the immune system somewhat. If pollen is the source not much more you can do. Most people with chronic sinusitis do not have an infection, it’s an overactive immune system gone bananas.


I’m not going to argue with that - pollen and airborne disruptors definitely cause issues. There is a mechanical aspect to it too. The nasal passages are small so any kind of inflammation makes a reaction to pollen so much worse. I suffered in the past and found that steroidal sprays, anti-histamines, etc never got the issue sorted fully.

You could also try hookworms!


So if I understand this correctly, I insert a bunch of worms into my skin, they multiply and burrow their way through my body, eventually finding their way to my lungs. I then cough them up and swallow them, and they do their magic in my intestines and I get cured. Medicine has come a long way.


The only spiritual experience I will be having tonight involves a bottle of Jameson