Spiritual Experiences


lads, I get the feeling most of ye hate your jobs, apart from the likes of me and Bandage and KP, i get that feeling about most of ye, why do ye do it to yersleves?


We’re Irish, and we love misery and running each other down. If I didn’t turn up to my hateful job every day, one of the cunts I work with may ‘get ahead’. Couldn’t let that happen as I’d be even more miserable. You’re probably away too long to still suffer this Irishness.


you may be right, my life and outlook has changed in ways I could not have even comprehended 5 years ago when I was drinking 3 bottles of wine from daybreak every day


I feel these positive life style changes and outlook are only creating a short term veneer of happiness and fulfillment. You’ll never be truly content until you return to the old ways.


I could not even begin to comprehend living like that ever again, I have never been happier, I am full of confidence and vigor, I don’t get out of bed in the morning, I jump out of bed immediately with a sense of purpose and a smile on my face when I wake up, dying to start the day and face what ever challenges lie ahead, I don’t see problems, only solutions


I’m still in college and I’m sick of the thought of working.


Everyone seek’s happiness, whether it be through alcohol, sex, drugs, work, sport etc, they all provide it for awhile but for the most part we are all going through the motions, there are far more downs then ups.

The human brain for me personally is never truly satisfied, you always want more.


Get a 2:1 and you’ll just walk into your dream job.


Ambition bites the nails of success.


i just jumped out the bed there with a sense of purpose, i am catching a redeye to Paris at 10 am from heathrow



Drank 6 pints of Sierra Nevada last night and just had a spirtutual experience these on the throne, I swear I levitated in mid air for about 10 seconds.


Was awake early this morning, spent an hour lying in bed listening to Achtung Baby thinking about how much I was looking forward to my work out this morning.


Finally some spiritual experiences and not dickheads prattling on about having head colds. :clap:



Lads, what is all about? I find myself increasingly aware of my own mortality lately



Is that far from Finnegans?


They’d want to get cutting that barley.


Princess nearly died there an hour ago - a motorized accident - i’m a new man. I was dead until an hour ago