Spiritual Experiences


Someone up above was looking out for you, m8.


Is that a photo taken through your letterbox?


The cunts could have left me the car


Thank goodness she’s alright, pal. Pass on my best wishes to her please.


I will, mate. And we both appreciate your well wishes, thanks.


I smoked a serious joint there after the dinner, some towel head in Malaga sold it to me, but if I wasn’t chatting on another thread to @Fagan_ODowd and got reminded of a tune I used to be off my head to, well if haven’t listened to it 15 times in a row, I am crying aswell


You’ll be sickened you finished the coco pops in a while when the munchies kick in


People of Ireland. I love you


I have had a tremendous spiritual experience. A prolonged week long experience. Words will not be able to describe.


I came through chapelizod on Sunday morning in the marathon and nearly broke down crying such was the overwhelming support. There is a hill going up towards ballyfermot and I didn’t even feel it. I was in a very special place


The back seat of a squad car ?:joy:


I’m starting to rediscover myself since I gave up the drink on Monday, a sense of peace is coming over me


Time to go back on it so


Bottles of whiskey is not the answer, its no way to happiness, happiness is the way


Fixed that there for you


I have been having some sort of awakening inside me in the last day or two, its very hard to put finger on it


You’ve a sad auld existent Mick if you think the only joy in life can be found in a bottle of whiskey.


Time to ring that Asian bird again


I watched a film yesterday that has had a big effect on me, “Restoration” Robert Downey Jr gave an unreal perforamnce