Spiritual Experiences


Deep very deep


A Christmas thouht from Mr C

The purpose of our very existence is to be happy & to celebrate life. Happiness is enlightenment, so try not to be sad this Christmas & instead celebrate those absent Souls, the love we shared & still share as well as family time together. Our loved ones passed are watching over us always so it’s our duty to make them proud & smile to see us celebrating, loving, caring & being happy. They, along with the source with which we are One know we will always be together, forever & infinitely, so let’s make them proud of our development & understanding of this trial that we call life.
If you have loved ones still with us who you’re out of contact with, please make an effort to contact them, it could make their year & there may not be many more chances to do so. We may lose those we love at any time, of any age as anything can happen on this crazy planet that we call home. Remember our time here is limited.
If you know people who may be alone, reach out a hand & show them that you care even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, as contact from friends or loved ones, no matter for what reason is always heartwarming. We’re all in this together so please let compassion lead the way.
Lift your spirits & shine like a star from your heart for all those around you to feel the warmth. Emanate love & kindness to each other as that’s truly all we have.


I’m sitting here trying to make sense trying to make sense of it all


A few days around there and you’ll be nicely grounded heading back to the mainland.


something has changed inside me, I haven’t really enjoyed Christmas this year, I used to love the session of drink and drugs, now it bores the arse of me, I feel lost, struggling to come to terms with myself



Did you know that you are in my prayers recently?



A certain someone told me in a dream that you are going to be okay. 2017 will be the year of @Tassotti.


I went out for a few hours in the burren running today, it was the best day of the Christmas in glorious sunshine


A different class of spiritual experience you might say.



I’ll go out again tomorrow and write a poem about you, I had that thought today at the top of a hill, I felt inspired and motivated, reinvigorated


look at the cattle there, not a care in the world, sometimes I wish I was a cow



Savage weather. I must ramble up to Eagles Rock before the hols are over.

Lovely farm of land after coming to the market over that way mate. Better than stocks and shares.


Fao off @Bandage @HBv


Coast Road between Lisdoon and Fanore


I lit a candle at mass for you today, mate.



On the 31st December 2016 I decided to commit suicide by jumping off the sun deck of the Oscar Wilde on my way back to England two days later. I felt it was the only otion. It would have looked like an accident as well, saving my parents the grief. I had said my goodbyes to my friends in real life and the INTERNET. However something happened whilst I was driving onto the boat, I got a call that one of my drinking buddies had shot himself. This woke something deep inside me, it led to a chain events that has led me to where I am right now

@Fagan_ODowd @labane1917 @KinvarasPassion


An expectation that you might have been left something in his will?