Starting a Gaa club


I’ll throw in €50 quid if it’s called Saint Kevin’s


Nah ladies club is arguably in better nick than gaa. And very successful ladies clubs around us.

Not that i wouldn’t be all for embracing the smallies girls too.

Goos idea but not really an avenue in this case


Jaysus Kev.


You’re the one who went there fella.

Have a look at yourself


Expect things to get a little hot though Kev. The founding of Clonmel Óg got a bit nasty and ended up in court and sure Arles is the stuff of myth by now I’d say.

Na Piarsaigh are the dream though. Hard to imagine they were all but an irrelevance in Limerick up until the mid nineties when they started to take off as an underage power.

For every Na Piarsaigh there’s a Milford or Abbey Sarsfields story as well though. Monaleen and Mungret areas are crying out for another club tbh


Oh ya, some heat is assured.

I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Can’t make an omlette without breaking a few eggs.

Now having said that, it would be preferable if the staff take tge asylum back from the lunatics and they build a new culture


Carrigaline or Glanmire the areas kev? Or Blarney even?


Don’t want to say if i’m honest. The searching will happen if this starts.

Believe me i’ll keep TFK informed


The dunmore road direction out as far as dunmore east in Waterford needs a new club too, the pick ballygunner has is astronomical, lots of good players just give up out that way - it’s a very well run club etc But massive scope for an additional club, it’d never happen though and BG wouldn’t allow it happen either


Truth is they should have no choice.


Politics my friend as well you know


True dat.

My point is if gaa was serious about development they would review all old boundaires and develop more clubs in heavily popukated areas.

Anyway thos is just a fleeting thought in a way from a small few people, just curious as to what may be involved. Great info though everyone thanks


Have ye a distinct area, parish, school that ye can make your own. A river or road to make the divide. If not, it could be tricky getting players.


Fair fucks to you Kev, a massive undertaking and you’ll need a lot of support but we all know you have plenty of contacts to make it happen :wink:. I believe you’ve the shtuff to do it though.

Getting it off the ground will be the biggest stumbling block which will include 5-10 years of very hard work. If you can instill and promote your unique philosophy and give the club a distinct identity then you won’t have any hassle attracting members especially at underage level. The very best of luck to you if you decide to do it.


Out of curiosity, how many 20k towns are there in Cork county? Mallow, Cobh…? Excluding city suburbs like Ballincollig, Douglas etc.


More shoot the messenger, let them emerge if they can


No mate, I just think Kev is inflating his estimation of the population of this town because unless its a city suburb or one of the afore mentioned places it doesn’t have 20k plus people in it.


Even if it doesn’t, there could be enough to sustain a new club. Plenty smaller towns have managed it with the right concoction of mutual dislike and spatial distribution


Aries wasn’t about the setting up of a new Club, a new Club was set up as a result of another matter.


Mallow has nowhere near 20k. Doubt cobh does either.

ballincollig possibly the only one