Starting a Gaa club


Is the reason two sensitive to mention on here or what? A few families fell out didn’t they?


Lads ye are putting too much thought in to this. The chances of it happening are zero sure kev is not even the member of a club at the moment. What business has he of going setting up one of his own!


The GAA thrives on splits. It’s what made it great


What has that got to do with anything?

Bizarre comment


Ballincollig is probably around22/23k now.

Classis Lake has around 2-3k which has crept into Ovens Parish so thats not counted in census.

Notable Eire Og won P1 Football County last week.

Con O’Callaghan could be a star. Think he has it all. Saw Na Piarsaigh try to kill him this year and he laughed at their best. Big mobile and skillful


I’d just question his ability to see it through, he seems to abandon everything he does when the going gets tough, lacks the grit to stick it out.


Really. A few examples there.

Have you ever even started anythibg? Ever?

You wouldn’t know gard work or community if it slapped you in the face. You steal a living from your employers (which is likely us, the irish people) and spend your entire time online.

Its laughable that you have the neck to even enter a thread like this. You’re a joke of a human.


I’m still in the same line of industry I started out in, I’ve built a decent career for myself out of it. Didn’t need to run away from it because I’m out of depth. You’re the guy who is into the dick measuring contests but I’ve done well in my professional field, I don’t feel the need to inform the world.


Ballincollig is not a suburb you nonce


I couldn’t give a fuck fella. You are a waster. End of story. You clearly could have done alot more.


I’m just commenting on how you don’t have the grit to see tough times through. You give up and run away, presumably leaving others to deal with the consequences.




Some examples would be good fella.

You know, to substantiate your views.

Any evidence?

Or are you simply naive enough to believe anything you hear?


Nice homophobic attack there mate.


I wouldn’t have assumed Mallow had 20k but I was scratching my head wondering what 20k towns there were. Pretty obvious what club kev is on about.

Think it’s obvious large/medium sized towns in Cork have their heads up their arses. Either they only care about one code or they are fucking hopeless (Cobh, Kinsale)


This is one of the most interesting topics on here. Lets stay on topic and not ruin a potentially very good thread (again).


Stay out of the thread ffs


No idea what happened in Drom, but i find them to be a very easy way of fundraising. All the money is collected before the night, so your not dependant on a big crowd. Always good to have an auction race to raise an exter couple of hundred (over €2000 during the boom) and theres no risk with betting the side of it as you only payout 50% of what was taken on a particular race.
Now you will have little shits going around who think they know it all, with various notes taken from previous nights to try and back a few winners. We had a fella one year who was puttting on between €50/€100 and won the first 2 races. We coppped this and changed up the tapes between the previews and the actual race. It still brings a smile to my face when I remember the horror on his face the first time we done it. Of course the little bollox went in again in the next race, once he saw the start of it he went a pale colour of white!! Funny times!!


Very similar to what happened in Drom except the results of the races were available online. The guy in question was watching the preview and checking the result Online and then he’d put on the bet. They were threatening to call the guards on him once they realised what was going on.


Bandon fermoy and mallow both contested hurling and football counties in same season over last two seasons…they would be the bigger towns outside of the wider city area

Dont know anything about cobh tbh but are underachieveing alright.

Midleton charleville and clon big towns focused on one code alright

What about carrigaline?