Starting a Gaa club


The split actually came from an amalgamation.


Mallow, Fermoy and Carrigaline are all under-achieving all the same, Fermoy in particular. Fermoy/Mallow seem to be doing better underage however. Bandon you’d put in as the only exception, playing at a high level in both codes.


Not really.
Fermoy has very established other sports and has a smaller pick (less than 50%) than Carrigaline which has very little opposition.

Fermoy play at a high level in both codes. Mallow now mirror Bandon.

Mallow like Fermoy has established strong other sports.

Fermoy - 6500 Prem Int Hurling & Football
Mallow - 13000 Prem Int Hurling, Senior Football
Ballincollig - 20000 Int Hurling, Senior Football
Carrigaline - 15000 Prem Int Hurling, Senior Football (but Div 3 league)
Newcestown - circa 2000 Dual Senior

Carrig have no excuse.
Ballincollig have no excuse.
Fermoy are doing pretty well.

You are all over the shop.


County board shill alert


Are Fermoy any good?


You answered my question below.


Handy. Lack another forward or two in both codes.

Had a good run at it last few years. Lost both Prem int finals last year.

Should be back next year


But he is way off.


Didn’t they win the football only a couple of years ago?


20k but inter hurling is acceptable? 6.5k but inter football is ok?All of those clubs should be at least prem-inter/senior in one code each, if not both senior.

In saying all of this its the big towns in East Cork that are the worst. Arguably Youghal are the most respectable.


Yip. Going backwards though and hurling is a disaster there. Another one of those clubs that suffer because of a big win than prosper.
Very uncompetitive at most underage bar odd team and now not playing Prem 1 alot. Struggled to field in league games last year u16 where they should have 2 teams.
Senior team has not been replenished at all. Playing regular Int hurling is a joke.


No Ballincollig are a joke in that sense. As i detailed, they have no excuse.

Now all these teams can’t win it the same year so i do see the Senior Championship vecoming very much a Coty & Towns comp in time. Big towns dominating intermediate grades now.

What would make Cork unbelievably strong is a coaching worked out from big towns and using the schools. What happened in bandon was not deliverate but its how it transpired. Brogans and Hammies drive each other and the clubs. Valleys and Newcestowns successes drove Bandon to cop on.

If that was replicated strategically Cork would become a frightening county


If you are going about setting up the club Kev, you may do some ground work within the halls of Frank Towers and get co board backing, because you are sure as hell going to get a fight from the club in question. In time, you’ll have to work with them, but they will inevitably do what they can to stop any new club forming. So at least if you have a good action plan, a breakdown of a 5 year development proposal for the club (plenty of good examples on line of established clubs) and the support of the board, then it will make it easier. you may not like the board or want to deal with them, but they will be the only ones that matter. In time, there may need to be an agreement between the clubs as to schools in the area and who has access to them. Getting into a school is a huge thing.

as mentioned above, starting with underage may be the easiest. Setting up a nursery basis and up to 10s might encourage newer parents to the area or ones without a GAA background in. And then its a trickle effect from there. once its in a couple of years, any older discarded players may start showing interest and it should take off from there.

@Pikeman doesnt be around here much if at all anymore, but I am nearly sure he was involved in starting up a new club in Dublin. If not involved in its establishment, he was heavily involved in the running of it early doors.


Ya everything you say is important.
And look if i was involved in this thing, it would not have to be me who deals with CB. Plenty other lads who have that ability to tactfully fullfill that role.
I do have one or two good contacts in there that are progressive, but forthcoming elections will probably determine their influence


It wont be the new ones though that you need to get on board, it will be the old fogies who have fuck all interest in development of clubs and are happy to be the co board reps and look at Cork county teams. Far easier said than done though.


Ya no doubt about that.




Beara GAA were last night unavailable to respond to a request for comment.

Damn fucking right they were

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