Starting a Gaa club


They were.

Douglas seem to be in the middle of alot of nonsense recently


Has to be ballincollig. Brutal at the hurling.


Anymore on this @caoimhaoin? Did the current club in the area hold their AGM yet? Any changes etc? I would find this kind of thing fascinating. My father was founding member of local soccer club, obviously a second GAA Club isn’t different kettle of fish


Actually a town & hibterland inititive i am involved in has picked up some legs. Backing of Council, CIT, UCC and working on HSE etc.

Without getting into it, its a health and activity participation project with the main aim of increasing widespread participation and renention of kids/youths in sport and anything active.

Anyway thru those talks it has come up about the obvious obstacles we will meet the GAA comes up as the biggest one each time. The answer from every person we have discussed has been along the lines of “sure start up another one if they won’t play ball”.

I already have secured support from 2 of the bigger hinterland clubs so hopefully thats enough to shove the other 5/6 that way.

Bottom line, i think it will come to this “row in lads or we will go another way”.

I’m enthused by the general thinking out there on these subjects. The tolerence for GAA bullshit is on the wane big time.

However, to be honest, i hope they row in. There are people within that club who believe another club is needed. So if done in an amicable way like that over 5-10 years i think it would be better all round.


Can’t see a new club being formed in a town or suburb going amicably though. I know 1 of the founding members of Clonmel Óg, fascinating stuff


How are they going?

I’d say its easier deal with dissident republicans


Are Cork going to start a hurling club anytime soon?


Made it to Senior Football and defeated Commercials in their first year up. Have dropped to intermediate since and were beaten in this year’s County final by Kildangan


Thats good going all the same


Biggest issue is holding onto decent juveniles as their friendly neighbors tend to snap them up would you believe.


Not just Commercials at that, Moyle Rovers handy at it too


Thurles Sars robbed the best hurler I ever saw them have


And he can’t even make the Thurles team


Yeah it’s a bit disappointing when he could help Clonmel Og so much. He was outstanding at underage grades


Whats his name ffs


Mikey O Brien


Play for Tipp ya?

Long way from Clonmel to thurles, surely he was living in Thurles?


He went to Thurles to play with the CBS and stayed with Granny there.

Gave a great line on tg4 when Thurles finally won the college’s All Ireland after coming close in recent years before that. He was recieving the motm award and was being asked if losing the previous year had spurred them on to win it that year. He replied that he didn’t know as he had only started in school there the previous September.


Played minor and under 21


Fair play.

I hate this “robbed” shit though. Everything is a choice. He made a choice to go there.

Right or wrong. He will only know that himself in time.

Is there another club in thurles? Out of interest