Super Blues 2017


I’m struggling to see how this is a good idea. Williams has his faults for sure, but he’s still our best defender. And we have a weak defence.


I’d say once the champions elect came in for Williams he couldn’t get down that motorway from Limerick to Cork quick enough.




Robbie Williams to be interviewed this morning on 95fm after 10am

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Will it be all nicey nice or both barrels ?


Tough to listen to that.

"I wanted to stay. I didn’t want to leave. I’ll still be living in Limerick, my girlfriend is from here and all her family is from Limerick. I got on with everyone. When you’re told you’re not wanted it’s tough to take.

That’s five experienced players who have left. I don’t want to leave on bad terms, I don’t want to see the club going down but it could be a tough three months."


I had a look at the remaining fixtures for the year. We are fucked


See you in Tolka Park next year guys.


Concede in the first minute in Maginn Park.


A mistake at the back…again


Tells you all you need to know that Cork wanted him and we didn’t. Fucking hell like. My source inside the camp says the new man only wants young lads and is an absolute prick


2 down now.




I told you this three weeks ago, mate.


I’ve seen and heard enough already to realise this fella is a bluffer.

The man management skills of Ger Cunningham, the tactical nous of Steve Staunton.


And in-game skills of teege.


Whoever would have thought a 60 year old journey man manger from the English lower leagues who worked under big Sam would be a football dinosaur?


Well, Big Sam is from a football dinosaur.

He was well ahead of his time in terms of preparation, both physical & stats-wise. I thought McDonald would bring some of that. Obviously not.


3-0… Joke.


Fucks sake