Super Blues 2017


How was the League form with all of these irreplaceable still at the club?


The whole thing seems utterly bizarre . Something funny .


Not bad before new management - Jack Charlton’s game plan was visionary compared to this chap.


Pathetic club
Pathetic fans


The senior players obviously know the manager is a spoofer.


Listening to this pod at the moment from some Limerick FC supporters talking about the exits:


“Since he’s left, he’s become Jaap Staam, Nesta and Maldini all rolled into one” :rofl:


Is that young Kevin Kiely?


It is indeed.
Do you know him? Had a few dealings with him a good few years back


Only of him …


One down at oriel .


McDonald out




By all accounts the same shit on a stick display tonight.

Offered fuck all and conceded from three set pieces. If only we had an experienced, vaguely competent centre half who was dominant in the air…

Double kick in the balls with Galway winning in Ballybofey. We’re only three points above the relegation zone now. All the teams below us have momentum while we’re slumping alarmingly. Morale seems non existent. Every chance Cobh will knock us out of the cup next weekend.

McDonald Out. Spoofer.


Bring back Tommy Lynch


They are after signing some Hungarian lad wherever they found him.


Heading to Cobh for the cup game tomorrow night. See you there @chops91


When you google his name. Very little online about him…hmmmm


You can nearly say for certain that no one in the club had seen him play in the flesh before he signed


Has the Chairman made any statement lately on the haemorrhage of playing staff over the last month ?