Super Blues 2017


No bother pal


We’re going to win the cup.

3-0 up at a balmy St Colmans Park at half time. A brace from Garbh Coughlan and a Dozie Ogbene strike.


What a shithole of a ground. Easy 3 0 win. Roll on rovers Tuesday


Massive game tonight. I’m confident. Hon the blues


Tonights game should be streamed here:

Stream usually goes live about 5 or 10 minutes before kick off.

Only works on Desktop/Laptop though


I’m going to miss tonight :frowning:

Need a win.


That UUCOAM Graham Kelly - not even the best ref in his own family - in charge tonight.

The Hungarian lad Berki starts. Coughlan’s reward for scoring two at Cobh is to get dropped. Kenny dropped too even though he’s been one of our best players lately. Duggy and Clarke return.

Would take a point now.


you musn’t have been to too many football grounds,
grand view, nice pint of murphy’s in the clubhouse at HT and post match, by and large sound individuals up there who are really into their football
its no Tallaght Stadium or the X but its a grand place to play and watch football


Colman’s park is my favourite LOI ground, probably because I played there quite a lot but it’s a grand place to watch a match as well, odd that @chops91 would feel so strongly when he’ll have remembered Jackman and Rathbane.


yeah, Rathbane was some place allright
were you ever in Longford’s old pitch in Abberycarton? , that was the greatest of them all
there’s very few grounds where you can head in for a pint at HT or after the game, Ramblers is set up very well with a lovely clubhouse, that walk up the hill from the train would catch a few fellas out tho


Limerick put a reserve team in the MSL a couple of years in the mid 90s, UL had a team the same time, we got some shock when we pulled into Rathbane expecting a LOI ground, what a shithole,
Surface was always excellent in Cobh.


Fuck outta here Zionist cunt.


hey pal, ill stand up for my pitch,


Lovely surface in Cobh, a nice little ground. Definitely far worse around.


Limerick in free fall, losing 2-0 to Rovers now. See you back in Tolka next year chumps.


Jesus never said the grounds we have been in were superb. Dunno just something about it I didn’t fancy. Nice little bar though


I’ve been to all the grounds actually. Just my opinion


Utter dire .


Absolute shambles. Get that Geordie bluffer out ASAP. We are in free fall.

No way is there three worse teams in the league than us. Players look totally devoid of confidence.

Usual failings of inability to deal with set pieces and long balls in. If only we had a commanding centre half to dominate in the air…

Gets rid of a seasoned right back and replaces him with a lad who played half a season with the u-19’s.
Contract extension for the worst centre back in the squad.
Partners him with a lad on loan whose acting the bollocks around town on his nights out.
Plays a centre back at left full.

Even tonight the new lad Berki was doing well but was the first lad called ashore.

Whole thing is a mess. Very angry mood in the ground at full time and with good reason. If we go down the plug will be pulled and we won’t bounce straight back up like last season.

This fella is an absolute chump who somehow hoodwinked his way into a two and a half year deal. Grand for him if he takes us down, he’ll fuck off and we’ll be left to pick up the pieces. Chairman Pat was sat behind me and got dogs abuse from a few people within earshot of him for appointing this joker.

Only positive tonight is that Sligo only drew with Bray.

Rant over.


@chops91 what did u make of this. And the management. Thoughts on the future.