Super Bowl LIII - The Dirty Road to ATL part 2 (2019)

Seeing as the other thread is goosed @Rocko

Black Monday in full swing

Gase gone in Miami, Joseph gone in Denver. Wilks 1 and done in Arizona.

Bowles and Koetter gone last night

Marvin Lewis gone now. Could be close to 10 head coach openings

Vegas Raiders hiring Mike Mayock as GM.

Marvin Lewis finally got the bullet! :smiley:

Good riddance Vance Joseph.

Terrible play caller, maybe a little unfortunate with the QBs he’s had but he dug his own grave in the end.

Would like to see Shaw from Stanford come in now.

Shaw isn’t going anywhere.

I expect that barring a play off run and a new contract John Harbaugh will move on from the Ravens and have his pick of the vacancies

Could see him with Kubiak as OC as a possibility in Denver.

Gase a bit unfortunate.

Hunter Henry back for the playoffs

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Agreed, but i think they need to blow the whole thing up and start again. Sounds like a big power struggle behind the scenes and Tannehill isnt the answer at QB.

I can see coach Caldwell getting plenty out of Josh Rosen in Arizona

Popcorn time in Pittsburgh as the Diva was benched rather than injured last Sunday after he threw a ball at Big Ben and went on to miss practice and not answer Mr Rooneys call,he then showed up expecting to play and fucked off home in frustration at half time. The way Browns contract is set means the Steelers are fucked now no matter what they decide to do with him.

Steelers look like they are up shit creek. Bell gone in an awful manner, Brown looks like he could be exiting the same way. Tomlin looks in bother. Browns and Ravens getting stronger. Big Ben won’t last much longer either

Colts 30/1 to win the Superbowl… It’s the playoffs and anything could happen but they are probably the most balanced team in the AFC. Experienced QB with a very good OL, good run game and their D are serious… Don’t think they have allowed 100 yards running in any game this year. They are the lowest seed and will be on the road throughout AFC which will be very tough but their toughest game could be this week against the Texans… I think they will beat the Chiefs if they get through the Texans.

Sign in @Scrunchie

If ryan kelly comes back they’ve a chance

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Am I right in saying Luck has thrown either the highest or 2nd highest amount of TDs this season of any QB? Presume Mahomes is higher if it’s not Luck

Just sayin…

Yeah Mahomes has thrown 50, luck has close to 40 and Wilson and Ryan below that. Luck has been excellent this year and I think they could knock out the chiefs too if they get a shot at them. Texans going well too tho, should be a good game.

Mahomes surely will get MVP too. Brees had a good year, but his final month of games weren’t great. Mahomes plays with complete abandon, ends up with a good few picks, but it also gets him some spectacular plays.

Mahomes is only the 3rd qb in history to throw for 50 tds

Just saying what? He has had a great season, he hasn’t played as well prior to this year.