Super Bowl LVIII - Viva Las Vegas

Interesting that he has no agent. He will get another big pay day in three years time as he is only 28.

1 year 8 million - that is a steal.

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I was planning on jumping off the bandwagon until next January but I must admit I’ve been following free agency. Howie has been doing absolutely untold given the Eagles’ cap constraints & amount of starters becoming free agents. He’s retained most of the key chaps like Kelce, Cox, Slay & Bradbery & many of those that have departed seemed to be replaceable whether via the astute free agency pick ups ourselves, the upcoming draft or with second year fellas ready to step up.

But losing CJGJ appears to be a blow to me. From reading Philly sport sites & local media Twitter types, the Eagles probably could only afford 2 out of Slay, Bradbery & CJGJ & they went back to secure Slay & Bradbery when CJGJ turned down a multi-year deal last week. He probably thought he could get more in the market but that clearly hasn’t happened & now he’s settled for a 1-year deal with Detroit. Pretty much a repeat of what happened last year when he turned down a multi-year New Orleans offer to sign with the Eagles for a year.

I’m keen to see what Howie does next. They signed the wonderfully named Greedy Williams to provide more CB cover but they look light at safety & linebacker now.

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Poor Foster Moreau.

Raiders have now let Waller and Moreau go. They’ve picked up Austin Hooper. This is supposed to be a deep TE draft class. It might make sense for them to dip in?

They got a good deal on Hooper. TEs are notoriously slow to develop, so anyone they pick up in the draft is unlikely to contribute this year.

Hopkins to Buffalo?

The Saints medical staff have detected 3 serious medical conditions with undrafted free agents before. And arguably saved their lives with early detection. Kudos to Dr Amoss with his crucial catch. Widely regarded as the best around with these type of issues and there is a chain of thought that all free agents should get the once over from him.


Chark to Panthers… A decent core group of WRs there.

Surprising one, I thought he had left on very hostile terms

Nobody is giving him the Watson deal, not guaranteed anyway

Cleveland: “Hold my beer.”