Super Leeds United - Shame Shame Shame

I’d rarely agree with you but i agree on this. Fackin traaaactaa cahnts!

Fuck you too

And we’re back

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Putrid stuff at home against Southampton. Won’t matter a jot as Ipswich comfortably up. Awful form to be coming into the playoffs with. Be better to just pull the plug and start again next season. I’d say the yanks will turf Farke out based on how the last month of the season has gone. Somethings gone rotten in the dressing room

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Jimmy Fallon Dancing GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


Up your bollox Norwich !


Unrecognisable from this. That’s a lovely goal to just kill it. Great vision from Firpo

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Now it’s down to just one game . A cup final .

Great send off for Liam Cooper. Stuart Dallas there in the mix too. Won’t be worth a fuck if they don’t turn up like that on Sunday week but first home playoff win since 1981 or whatever it was is a big one.

Here’s hoping for a clatter of red cards tomorrow night


Which part?

Makings of a decent weekend in London

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Bouncing last night.

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Any spare tickets lads?

How badly do you need one?
I can ask. Leeds are hard to get though.

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Getting desperate

A forlorn hope I’d imagine?