Superbowl LII - The Purple Rainy Road to Mary Tyler Moore's Minneapolis


Is Gisele qualified to make such a call?


Probably as good as evidence that they had for deflategate so expect a 12 game ban.


Well if Brady, allegedly, destroyed the phone which contained evidence that time then Gisele (who contains evidence) should allegedly watch her back.




Guys, meant to wish you all a happy off-season hump day yesterday.

107 days from Atlanta’s capitulation. 107 days to Pats Chiefs.



The last shot … fucksake… is this for real?


Take 106.


Kaep has just tweeted himself out of a job, if there ever was one on the horizon.


Raiders have inked Derek Carr to a five-year, $125-million extension making him the highest paid player in the history of the game, for the time being.


“inked Derek Carr to…”


Hey @Fran, check out Randy McBurgerJoint posting as if he’s from California and works on ESPN News.


He’s good, but not that good. I can see why they want to lock him into a 5 year contract though, the treacherous cunts will have a hard enough time maintaining their support base.


Raiders need a superbowl in the next 3 years.


Its back loaded so that they keep cap space free and allows Carr take home a greater net sum due to Nevada having no state tax.


More than ever, it’s all about supply & demand rather than quality. Cousins & Stafford will probably go and top this money in the next 12 months.


Nah they’re both average. Carr is well above average, he’s quite good


They’re a tier below Carr alright, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they earned a bigger contract. If Cousins hits the open market in 12 months, he’ll be the best paid player in football.


talking about QB tiers, I heard a stat about Rodgers recently that he is 2-35 when losing in the 4th quarter to teams with a winning record. His 2 wins were when losing by 1 point, so is 0-35 when the deficit is greater than 1. Seems this groundbreaking stat was highlighted in January, didnt cop it then. It is interesting though. I’d wonder what the rest of the league averages that way? Or on the flip side, how many winning teams QBs have lost when winning in the 4th quarter.