Superbowl LII - The Purple Rainy Road to Mary Tyler Moore's Minneapolis


She’s an advocate of the old adage “strengthen close to the snap and work your way out”. So she can understand taking Barrett from that perspective but thinks there may have been better still on the board.


So she like a bit of weight and general ignorance?

There’s a shock.


The Bucs appear to be putting quite an exciting offence together. Should be fun to watch next year with Winston, DeSean Jackson, Mike Evans, Doug Martin, Brate and Howard.


You think you’ve seen it all then you see Takk McKinley getting drafted :joy::joy:


I don’t think I’m going to have time to do my 1st round pick by pick analysis. I might find time tomorrow after the son’s football match.

I know you’ll be trying to slip in your annual gag about American weirdos analysing Sigerson cup players so I’ll do my best to get this done tomorrow.


Thanks, pal. I’d be much obliged. :thumbsup:

My colleague Randy from Minnesota would have selected Stephen “Picky” Maher as the best overall Fitzgibbon Cup player this season by the way.


What odds Dalvin cook falls to them in the second? If he’s there, Winston will run the pick up himself.


Joe Mixon goes at #48 to Cincy.

Dalvin Cook will need to research the dog fighting scene in Minnesota.


Roger Goodell is some cunt


So the patriots first 4 picks are 2 defensive ends and 2 offensive tackles. Clear priorities there.


Any comment on your boy Frank Clark @Matty_Hislop?


Frank has cleared it up mate.


He’s some yoke. Didn’t actually apologize to the reporter in question and went around liking all the tweets saying he shouldn’t have to apologize!


Guys like Clark shouldn’t be allowed near social media.


so, Titans receiver Tajae Sharpe is at a bar in Nashville watching the draft. Titans draft a receiver. Sharpe isnt happy. A fan watching the draft is happy. Sharpe asks him to go outside and then bests the shit out of him. Seems like a good team mate to have.


We get Legarette Blount on a freebie, I’ll take that, things falling into place nicely


To be honest, despite his good TD record last year, I’m not disappointed he left. He’s a decent big back, but his yardage was inflated by either late garbage time runs or just one big run in a game. More often than not, he’d rumble a couple of yards into the line for little or no gain. Being in a pass first offence helped him too. Genuinely hope he goes well though, despite his early career off field issues, he was a very good team member at the patriots and went very well there. His reaction to the winning Superbowl TD was brilliant.


If he’s even just a big body goal line threat that’s a bonus for the eagles, definitely worth giving him a shot for a year anyway for next to nothing


Cc @Gman

Brady was never listed as having a concussion on any injury report…


Bitches be crazy bro