Superbowl LII - The Purple Rainy Road to Mary Tyler Moore's Minneapolis


Thank fuck, a true WR1 finally. Also got Torrey Smith this morning who I don’t rate and waved goodbye to Connor Barwin who the shift in schemes never really suited.


Patriots get Cooks without having to give up Butler. essentially a first round pick (no 32) for a proven wide receiver talent. I’ll take that.


Pats hit a home run there. Cooks is a FA in 2018 though.


Pats also pick up Kony Ealy,it just gets easier for them.


yeah but at least they pick him up now and not gamble in free agency. similar reason as to why I think a biggish deal could happen for Garropollo as some shit teams will be afraid of not getting a chance if he hits FA next season. Cleveland browns, I’m looking at you and your 1st round picks you are storing up. go on, do something stupid again.


Bob Quinn is doing an excellent under the radar job rebuilding the roster in Detroit. A couple of young defensive play makers in the draft.


Jets signal their intention to go hard after Sam Darnold in '18, by signing up Josh McCown for the next 12 months.



Was saying the exact same thing to the Jets fan in work yesterday. The poor lad is an eternal optimist and is still hoping the Jets can be relevant this season.


Read a good article on the pitfalls of playing for 12 months in advance, but right now Jets and the Bears are neck and neck for the '18 top pick.


Here we go. Good read.


Raiders will only have to pay $325-$375m to relocate to the the NFL to relocate to Las Vegas.

$300m less than the Chargers and Rams had to pay to move to Los Angeles.

It’s happening.


Sam Darnold’s grandfather is called Dick Hammer.


Raiders cleared for Vegas,the people of Oakland will be gutted.


They need to sign Manziel and The Gronk at all costs.


Em, why not just use that money to build a new stadium in their existing home cities?


It will be interesting to see if the fans stay loyal for the next few years while they are in the Coliseum. This is the second time Raiders have moved out, so there is a strong possibility a lot of fans will abandon them.

Oakland should have built them a new stadium long ago, the Raiders have been there since 66 bar the spell in LA. No way the voters were going to fund a $1B+ stadium now, so effectively they missed the boat. Sad for the fans, some of the most loyal in the country and now jilted twice.


I would expect the team to make one hell of a go at the Superbowl the next two seasons,would really be a fairytale way to go.


where now for the A’s?


Stay in Coliseum like Raiders for two years. Can imagine a baseball stadium being built, similar to Giants. Beautiful locations by the water in Oakland. Cost less than half of a football stadium. Oakland will become baseball city again like the glory days in the 80s. Fond memories of the bash brothers.


The A’s were awesome when I first started following baseball, the two lads batting 3 and 4 after Rickey Henderson leading off. Eckersley unbeatable from the bullpen.
Great team but not very popular if I remember right?

Will a lot of Raiders tickets in Vegas be taken by the casinos to use as comps?


The A’s were popular in Oakland obviously but hated elsewhere as everyone knew McGuire and Canseco were juicing. It was good entertainment while it lasted, McGuire in particular hit the ball a ridiculous distance.
On the Raiders, yeah the Markering focus will be on tourists and business, the stadium will likely be the most expensive ever built in he US and cater to big spenders. Vegas only has a population of 600k which isn’t even 10% of the bay area. It effectively leaves a huge market with no team as the 49ers may as well be called the San Jose 49ers.