Superbowl LII - The Purple Rainy Road to Mary Tyler Moore's Minneapolis


Canseco hit further and far more frequently that McGwire in those years if I remember right. I saw them at Yankee stadium a few times in 89 or 90. Great team.


McGwire hit over 100 more HRs than Canseco over his career and won 5 versus 3 season titles. From 87 to 90, which were the A’s glory years, McGwire hit 153 HRs versus Canseco’s 127. You’re right though, Canseco was the better hitter, 0.28 versus 0.26 over the same period. Although both were great to watch, McGwire hit the ball a mile high as well as long.


mcGwire came perilously close to batting under .200 one year, Canseco was a good Base runner as well, first member of the 40-40 club.

Anyway has Billy Beane any other tricks up his sleeve, the moneyball thing was never likely to be a long term advantage.


It’s only now not giving the A’s an advantage as every serious team is ‘moneyballing’ it and can outspend on the statistically better players and diamonds in the rough as it were. The A’s west titles in 2012 and 2013 were pure examples of the strategy in action, far more than the era when the book was written.


There’ll be a MLB thread set up before the season kicks off, maybe save all debate for that


AP to the Pats??


Looks as though Tony Romo will retire and become a broadcaster


Delighted the Cowboys didn’t get to trade him. He was treated woefully by the franchise over the past couple of seasons.


Supposed to be taking over Phil Simm’s job on CBS.


The Texans are left to pick from Cutler, RGIII or Kapernick.

Can’t see Kap being given a all encompassing welcome in the Lone Star State.


I’m a bit sad about this tbh. Phil was so bad he was good.


Or go with Tom Savage RIP


Griffin will do well to get a job again.

Cutler doesn’t give a fuck, if he plays again it will be for some half decent team on his own terms.
Shannahan might coax him into playing if they offer $$$ but it isn’t going to happen really. The man has over $100m earned, he is hardly stuck for a paycheck.

McNair is probably the son of a clansman so I don’t think they would consider Kaep. BOB would only ruin him anyway.


A daycent read…

In other Raiders news it looks like Beast Mode will be donning the silver and black this season.

Any excuse to post this, the greatest run in the history of the game.



Eli in a spot of bother. Expect the giants/NFL to rustle up the best lawyers in town to defend the Manning legacy.


Sorry for your loss, pal.


Thanks pal. We’re still in great hands.


Aaron Hernandez has committed suicide :hushed:


bit of a shock

He had only just been cleared of that double murder charge last week. I’d imagine he has taken a lot of undisclosed info and other shit with him. A sad end to a troubled life. Had the potential to be an absolute star footballer, but a fucked up life an inability to take control of stuff ruined him.