Superbowl LII - The Purple Rainy Road to Mary Tyler Moore's Minneapolis


I only watched his trial verdict live the other day.

I’m calling foul play on this one… @Gman, toss a flag


I saw what happened to DeAngelo in The Wire, I’m with you on this one.




What a waste of talent.

He’ll be featured on a 30 for 30 in the future no doubt.


Good riddance


One of Hernandez’ representatives (per Schefter) is also claiming that there is no way that he (Hernandez) would have killed himself.

Meanwhile Tom Brady is not visiting the White House today due to ‘Family Matters’. Hmmm…


not sure I get the Tom Brady reference?

in any case, him not going isnt a big deal. He didnt go the last time either as he was away with family too. It probably means more to Trump than it does to Brady in the scheme of things. I’m sure there will be a full evaluation of the proceedings on the Trump thread by our resident experts


Sweep, sweep.


no, still dont get it.

now I do understand that this may indeed be you trying to shoehorn something to do with deflategate or phone destroying or something for no reason at all, in which case carry on.

But is there something to do with not visiting Trump and saying family commitments that I am not seeing is wrong?

Or what has Gronk and McCourty got to do with some random image? I also understand this makes me sound like a dumb old cunt asking a child how to use instachat.


Suspicion regarding Hernandez’ death and Brady unable to make an official appointment on the same day and you don’t get the connection?

You really are a naive man.



Not sure I get the Tom Brady reference here?


A good long read…


ah right yes. of course, Brady killed hernandez. Should have known! Carry on.


Kudos Sherlock!


Tampa Bay Buccaneers to feature on this years hard knocks


His mother may be dying also.

He has thought of everything.


Bizarre ending to a bizarre story. Feel sorry for his family, especially after reading the brothers story.

Youd wonder if the brother and belichek could’ve teed up and intervened before it all went too far or if he just wasn’t for saving.


You need to work hard on your attempts at humour