Superbowl LII - The Purple Rainy Road to Mary Tyler Moore's Minneapolis


A dead person’s estate can’t be pursued as part of a wrongful death civil case in Massachusetts. Given he had life without parole, perhaps Hernandez was acting to protect his wealth and ensure it goes to his family.


I see the Patriots turned out in force at Trumps White House…


fake news. NY times was taking a shot at Trump. There was less players at the White House for Trump than for Obama, but it wasnt of the magnitude that the photos the NY times posted show. Less showed up for the third visit to Bush in 05.

from what I heard of the visit, they got to see far more than any of the previous 4 visits and it was supposed to have been a very good outing in the nations capital, with just a brief time spent with the jackass Trump, who also made an ass of himself calling for Danny Amendola who wasnt there.

  • saw on Fox News.


no from the PFW podcast. They got into the oval office, the house of representatives and got to other rooms that previously had not been part of the tour. They also visited Capitol building and had special access there. They were on the speakers balcony which is usually off limits. Sounded like they got a real inside tour and more access than usually granted.


Can you turn off autoplay on this for fuck’s sake?


No surprise with Kraft being bessies with Trump.

They probably got a look at the plans to attack North Korea (from Australia) as well.


yeah sure Trump is a Patriots fan, if you aint going to get benefits then, when will you. Although it looks like poor aul Tommy is in the bad books. Going through the whole Superbowl plays and not once did Trump mention his former bezzie mate.


Trump probably didn’t want to associate himself with toxic brand like Brady.


True, imagine using Brady or association with the Patriots to try get leverage on things.

Actually he did do that :scream:


Adrian Peterson about to agree a one year deal with the Saints.


I wonder what the Creole for busted flush is?


Nothing hectic. Reported 3.5 million. Less than what Ingram is making


Martavis is back, baby!



Excellent piece on offensive line play bybGeiff Schwartz.


Beastmode is coming home.


The AFC West is one mother-fucking-tough Division.




Draft Day bitches!

I would love to see McCaffrey being the Broncos’ first round pick but can only see it happening if Carolina pass on him and then Elways fancies jumping above the Jets.

The O Line will be as easily addressed in the second round.


Next to zero chance he makes it that far.

Line upgrade for the broncs round 1.