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I could see Elway trading up if McCaffrey falls out of the top 10.

I could also see him trading out of the first round to to pick up an extra pick though.


The great thing about draft season is nobody has a fucking clue.

I could even see my beloved steelers bending over for Ben and taking a TE tonight. Hopefully Bryants reinstatement puts that idea to bed.


Havent really kept up to date much with the full draft class at all this year as the Patriots first pick isnt until the third round, so fuck all to get worked up over. Unless something happens very late in the day with Garoppolo or Butler, then the Patriots will be drafting well down the list. Brandon Cooks essentially where the first round pick went, you’d take that in fairness.


Hassan Reddick in round one and Jabrill Peppers in round two for my beloved Lions would be the ideal scenario.

But given Reuben Foster’s stock sliding it is hard to see Reddick making it as far as 21.


The depth at RB, TE and DB in this draft is unreal, definitely starter calibre players will be there in round 3 in those areas


Patriots wont (or unlikely) to be looking at high end RB or TE with the acquisitions they made this off season. They do need depth at DB alright, but I still think the front lines on offence and defence might be priority. Predicting or looking at potentials in rounds after the second is nigh on impossible. If they end up with a decent option for a good pass rusher around there, I think that could be their first pick.


Told ya.


Pick 1 Myles Garrett DE, Cleveland Browns

Niners trade pick 2 to the Bears

Pick 2 Mitchell Trubisky QB, Chicago Bears

Pick 3 Solomon Thomas DE, SF 49ers

Pick 4 Leonard Fournette RB, Jacksonville Jaguars

Pick 5 Corey Davis WR, Tennessee Titans

Pick 6 Jamal Adams DB, NY Jets

Pick 7 Mike Williams WR, LA Chargers

Pick 8 Christian McCaffrey WR/RB, Carolina Panthers

Pick 9 John Ross WR, Cincinnati Bengals

Pick 10 Patrick Mahomes QB, Kansas City Chiefs


Where and when did Watson land?


We’re live here, he’s not out yet


He should have been no 1


The Texans take him now? I’ll see in the morning, I’m off to the cot.


Back at ya.

Bizarre from the Bears moving up to take Trubisky.


The Browns - Garrett, Peppers, Njoku, with 2 x 1sts and 3 x 2nds next season :grinning:


Mental move. They gave up three picks for a player they were gonna get anyhow. Elway bailed at giving up his picks.

Roll on round 2.


You’d want your head examined to be watching this shite … it’s painful.


Irish lads doing draft analysis. :laughing:

cc @Fran


Tom Brady
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Remember: they can’t measure heart. Whether you’re picked first, last or not at all, YOU decide what happens next, every day. Good luck!!!


Fuck off.


The SEC cornerback guru.


Girlfriend won’t let you follow the draft either?

You need to stand up for yourself.