Supporting TFK 💰


As some of you wise people might know, running TFK is not free*.

I’ve always been reluctant to look for money to help support the costs of TFK and extremely grateful and surprised by the generosity of those who have donated money in the past.

I mentioned recently that I would make things a little easier for anyone who wanted to contribute and I’m happy to say that I haven’t made it all that much easier but I’m going to promote it anyway.

I’ve created 3 new “membership levels” called
Gold and

that cost €5, €10 and €20 respectively. When you purchase these new membership levels you get absolutely nothing (apart from a warm feeling in your heart).


Why don’t we get anything if we “buy” a membership?
We have a handful of topics that are locked to members. Otherwise everyone gets the same experience. I don’t want to actually create membership tiers because I’m not interested in restricting anybody from anything. And I understand that not everybody will want to pay or feels they should pay or feels they can afford to pay. And that’s perfectly fine. So the list of gold/silver/platinum members won’t be visible to anyone other than @Bandage and me.

Hang on, I gave you money recently, why should I pay again?
Please don’t. There is zero expectation on anyone to pay anything. Ever.

Wouldn’t it be better to just have a few ads?
You fuckers would never click on ads and you scare away all the visitors.

Can I donate more money?
If you have extra money then hold onto it. I’m sure we’ll get around to organising something for a charity related to @Joe_Player soon.

Can we at least get the ignore function back?
Yes. That will be returning very soon.

Where do I go about buying membership again?
FFS sake. The links are above. But anyway, here they are again:

Silver, €5
Gold, €10
Platinum, €20

* Nor is it terribly expensive. It costs roughly $30 a month to run though there are some variables in there relating to email volumes and storage space etc. That might not seem like much but there have been some significant one off costs in the past and various times when we’ve needed to have two servers running etc.


Will i have to pay for
@The Brisbane lion



How about a recurring thing like a fantasy football weekly or monthly thing where tfk scrape off the 30 quid a month and the rest is distributed to winners.


I have tried that a couple of times and people have generally not taken part. Probably made them too complicated. A more basic competition might work. (It’s also awkward if the payment isn’t built in because otherwise people enter picks without paying first and lose interest before they’ve paid).


Finally, a way for new curious members to bypass the 5,000 post rule and access the Murray and Zebo video.




Do I have to setup a fake Ambrose McNulty PayPal account to preserve my anonymity?


Just cough up you miserable cunt.


Let’s wait and see how tomorrow goes.


@Rocko, that link forces you to create a PayPal account and there’s no way to avoid it I think. Any way you can remove it for the likes of @iron_mike and @Boxtyeater?


I have no problem paying fella. I was trying to help with an idea for future revenue.

Thanks for the advice though


Does it not offer you to pay as a guest?


@Rocko I will pay in prayers.

God bless you all.


@rocko , I’ll give you a hundred quid if you get rid of the ignore function.


What the fuck d’ya mean “the likes of”…Are you inferring that we’re unfamiliar with PayPal. Keep your nose out of shit that doesn’t smell of your own…



Just trying to help you out buddy. Have another Brandy


I had to make a recent purchase with pay pal so my eldest set it up for me.
I reckon I’m fucked. I don’t even want to check it


Hey @Rocko
Keep this up and we’ll put in an offer for copper face jacks


Will the offer be to stop our admins freaking women out at the door of the ladies toilets?


After all these years I’m gonna have to set up a PayPal account. FML.