Always wondered why he changed his handle from flyingbolt. A proper racing man

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Still did it up as far as covid times. Not sure if its back on the cards yet. Aidan is part of a lot of former students who formed a syndicate that runs in the blue and white stripes of the school colours.


They’d a horse with Joseph O’Brien in recent years I think

Your heart would go out to him :joy::joy::joy:

“I’ll always be minus those 4 years”

What the 4 years, where he had a higher salary, tax free and his accommodation and travel paid for?

Norma Foley was right when she said yesterday that the last thing they want to be doing is incentivising newly qualified teachers to leave and work abroad


The absolute entitlement. Fuck off away again you lump of shite


I’m incredibly lucky to have a 5 minute commute to school, a lady here on radio with a two hour commute, that’s really rough, you’d be tired and annoyed before you ever stood in front of the kids

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The incremental pay scale must be unrale if the 4 lost years cost him a chance at a mortgage ?

Nasty nasty stuff of a Wednesday.

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I do an hour but like the school. Tis mad really. You could go somewhere very near home and be unhappy depending. Its a very personal job and thank god we are off a lot.