TFK Dance Classics Thread





The sound of Summer 2016 for me


they had a nightclub going in the Parkway in Limerick for a few months in 95, jesus you had every sort in there, new years ever 1995, this was the anthem, the amount of yolks in there was unreal


You must be a brilliant father.




Thanks pal. Those parental guidance tutorials you sent me are working wonders.


was in there many a night. great times


There was lads getting nose bleeds from the yolks they were so strong


a trance classic!


Danny Rampling used to cain this


what was the name of the place? i think it was just “the park”. you wouldnt get yokes like that these id say, the auld doves…


@Tassotti @KinvarasPassion @carryharry @Fagan_ODowd I have a question for my learned friends on the Dance classics thread. There is a song out at the moment …Offaiah- Trouble. It has taken the the beat in the backround from an old dance tune. It has been on the tip of my tongue for the last few days but I can’t for the life of me remember the name of it. Can anyone help me? I’ll add the Offaiah video below if ye wouldn’t mind having a listen.( ) It’s driving me mad .


I think so, It didn’t last two long, everyone knew what was going on there. The yolks around today are fucking animal altogether, its just we weren’t use to them back then. Jesus I got few in Amsterdam in the summer at a Festival and they were up around 350mg of MDMA compared to around 90mg back in the 90’s, 2 would do for the whole day today


I’m listening to a bit of trance here and I am loving it


ye it was shut down by the cops, plenty of scraps there. jaysus us roasters taking 10 yokes in a night… however the doves were actually grand no scag. the shite that came after them were horrible altogether


there was a really bad period for yolks around 1997 before the Mitisi’s exploded back in the scene



Cheers for that @Tassotti but not the one I’m looking for . The one I want is an older dance tune. It he beat starts about 55 seconds into the video I posted above.


Can’t be sure but it sounds very similar to a Steve Angello track.