TFK International Business Travel Thread

Red-eye flight this morning on mainland USA. Great to see the yanks have dispensed with the fallacy of taking off shoes, putting laptops in trays, etc. K9s are changing the face of travel for the better. 20+ mins at security was reduced to 5 mins.


The yanks are really embracing the role of K9s in international travel. Comfort rooms for dogs throughout American airports. :clap:

20k for a year long pass just to travel between manc and London? Mental

Yep. They’ve just put the price of a standard peak ticket up again to three hundred quid :flushed:

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Is it they don’t want people from Manchester coming down to London?

Clearly not.

This is the only job. I’ve to go up to York in a few weeks with work. Saving 60£ on a return ticket.


-6C in Heathrow :cold_face:

Warmer up north. -1.

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I’m off to the outskirts of the arctic circle this morning and it’s not as cold as that. The world has gone mad lads

I’ve never see DUB as quiet

Delays due to freezing frost but it looks like our flight to VIE will get off the ground. Baltic out there

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Just back from andorra and it was -12 on saturday

Shaking Winter Solstice GIF by funk

Must be something similar in Blanch today because a heap of lads have Canada Goose jackets on


Hope you wore a hat



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We go again

Ok @Locke, where are you going at this hour?

VIE mate

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