TFK International Business Travel Thread


3 hour stopover in Zurich there, not the worst airport to kill a few hours. Snow on the ground here and -3 expected in FLR. Not a big fan of winter travelling


Do you work for SAP?




Checking in from 51st and Green en route to Manhattan.

We go again.


I went to London on the train yesterday. 400 fucking quid return.


Wtf??? Next time just buy a rail and sail ticket. It’ll be 70 quid


I was just thinking I could get to new York as cheap*

*this may not be true.



You could go to NY for that.


I did have a very nice stroll around Kensington Park as it was falling dark, whilst I was waiting for some ends to be tied up so I could finish off. It is huge. It is reminiscent of central Park actually. Some of the houses around it are quite beautiful.


That’s the ruthless efficiency of the private market for you.


Richard Branson is a cunt, with the head of a cunt, the demeanour of a cunt, and the actions of a cunt. At least he does what it says on the tin I suppose.
The way he is pimping necker island out to anyone who’ll listen, I wonder actually whether he’s swimming with togs on if the tide goes out.


From where ???


As long as there are chumps like you who’ll pay those prices there’ll be cunts like him who’ll charge them. You are as much a part of the problem as he is.


I had no choice. That’s the price, and I wasn’t going to drive or get the bus. I had to travel peak.


It’s a fucking gouge the Manchester London Virgin line.


You’ve just referenced two choices.


A UK tabloid article appeared on my twitter timeline recently about two young professional ladies based in southern and northern England. Best friends since childhood etc etc but the cost of travelling by train to meet up the odd weekend is prohibitive. Instead they arrange to fly to some European city once a quarter to catch up and the cost of return flights, accommodation etc is apparently cheaper than the return train ticket*.

*cool anecdote.


I’d say it’s true.
A reflection of the tax, or lack thereof, on airline fuel.


How in the name of Jaysus did it cost you 400 notes return?
How late did you book and did you travel first class?


Could you expand on their adventures please? Maybe take one European city every week and regale us with how they met up, caught the sites and sounds, met some locals, had a few drinks and then ended up messing around and experimenting in ways they never thought possible. I’d appreciate if you could write this in the role of a 3rd party narrator rather than an active participant. Much obliged