TFK International Business Travel Thread


It is true. I was looking up flights to head to NYC for a long weekend to catch up with my pals - can do Wednesday to Sunday for €355 return.


Went first as I wanted a seat and needed breakfast and tea, but booked two weeks in advance, down at 0620 and back at 7pm.
The fuckers have the peak times on the manc London line set from 0500 til 1030 am and 3pm til 7 pm.
You’d often not get a seat in standard.
I was doing a bit of pro bono so they were happy to pay whatever expenses, but it’s outrageous.


You travelled first class and you stuck a charity with the costs. And you’re complaining about it now? You’re some detail. You were probably top of the queue giving out about Angela Kerins and Paul Kelly last year


Of course he is entitled to do it. Your attitude would mean that anybody doing pro bono work would miss out on doing any work on way there or back, have to spend longer than necessary, put up with delays, arrive there and back tired. Meaning people won’t volunteer for pro bono work as the effort and disruption is not worth it so the organisation ends up not getting or having to pay for services which will be worth more than 400 quid.

People are entitled to expenses if doing a favour to an organisation.

I assume you would hold Waterford hurlers to the same standards and any nights in hotels before games are not needed, no need to travel by team bus as they could all drive to games etc


Since when are we “pro Bono” around here?


You just don’t get it fella.


Not a charity. A professional courtesy which costs me a lot of money in time and effort. You should look before you leap occasionally.
I’d never charge a charity any expenses.
I donate large sums to various charities regularly so fuck off.
I’m fucking seething.


And you can be a right fucking prick at times.
I’m fucking livid b


How much would an uber have cost? Or hired a driver for day?



I can’t believe someone would question the motives of a noble gent like @flattythehurdler.


Poor old Scrooge has been shown up for the cantankerous old cunt he is on this topic.


Never explain on tfk


Never get rattled.
I’m tranquilo now.
I left home at 0530, and got back after ten last night, all as a professional favour, and I get compared to Angela Kerins.
The perfidy of it.


Sort of irrelevant as it’d take four or five hours in the car each way as the traffic is remorseless, and it was central London near enough. The train is theoretically two hours five minutes and a few minutes walk then in London. Have to get to Stockport first, but still way easier.


Trains in the UK are a complete robbery. Great Train Robbery.


Cool the fucking jets you oul wan. You have no problem referring to me as a prowler so get down off your high horse. You were coming on here like the big man about your great pro bono day out and now it’s a professional favour.


That’s a bit weak. I don’t recall being involved in naming you a prowler.
Pro bono is not a term I’d usually use. I was merely getting in the spirit of the thread, and I couldn’t think of an entirely apt term for it. Pro Bono seemed as good as any.


You’ve a very short memory.


You’d been nicknamed that for ages by then, and seemed to take it in jest. I had no idea it was vexing you.
In any case, just because a lad goes for a run every now and then, it doesn’t mean he’s a runner.
Interfering with sheep, on the other hand


Corporate jolly is the term you were looking for. It’s nothing like pro bono.