TFK International Business Travel Thread


Piss poor edit. It was weak enough the first time.


You get paid for a corporate jolly, and don’t have to work all day.
I had to take leave to do this.


Stage 5.
Weak enough for you?


You poor fellow. But at least you got to travel in first class at someone else’s expense and got the chance to tell everyone about it.


Dear me.


You asked btw.
You seem to think going first class on a train is something worth bragging about.
I don’t think it is.
I wanted a seat and some grub as I had no time either end.
Anyhow, your initial comment was unnecessary in my opinion.
I’ll leave it at that.


You replied to yourself there by the way. But great to see you’re not rattled.


2 movies. Bit of work. Bit of TFK. No drop in WiFi the whole flight.

The Aer Lingus cabin crew continue to approach French waiter levels of rudeness.

I should be in Manhattan by 2.30pm local time. Ahead of schedule.


In fairness to them they do have to deal with self important cunts like you all day.


Ha ha. I knew you would bite you crotchety aul bollox



Flying into JFK or Newark?




Do they train them to be cunts? Been travelling a bit with BA, Air France and Lufthansa recently and the difference is unreal.

Also, are Irish airlines (excluding Cityjet) the only ones that don’t give you a free drink & snack? Are we really that stingy?


Going to Copenhagen in a couple of weeks and looked to fly SAS but the price of it. Free drink/snack or not it was just too much wedge to go against the account.
Do have priority with Ryanair though, and yes I am the last of the big spenders.

Company man


Would you get a free drink in first class?


No business or first class on Aer Lingus European flights


To be fair their income has dropped 10% immediatelyy after Catergate.


Two particularly sour-faced cunts on the Gatwick flight right now. One of them is a bent as a snake in a jar, you’d think with all that campness he’d have a welcoming smile for the passengers.


Signing in from The City

I will travel to the regions tonight.


Will be passing through there myself on Friday and Wednesday. Two one hour meetings that just couldn’t be lined up. It’s a pain but it’s for Ireland Inc. so we go again.