TFK International Business Travel Thread


Signing in from first class on board Virgin Trains en route north.

Expensive but the free banana, Pepsi Max and assorted snacks, WiFi is reminiscent of what short haul flying must have been like before it was cheapened for the masses into the tawdry experience it is now.


Is @flattythehurdler putting you up tonight?


I’ll be in his neck of the woods tomorrow.


You’re welcome to stay. Herself is away, so I have the snappers. Unlikely to be pinting tomorrow night but Saturday afternoon is a strong possibility.
Pm me if you’re about


Friday evening delays at LCY :tired_face:


Fao @flattythehurdler. If you’d used your head you’d have saved the charity 250 notes.


We go again.

LHR today as my meeting is up west and I’m still annoyed at the delays in LCY last week.


Travel to the mainland should not count in this thread.


Stormy weather in the Amsterdam area tomorrow. My flight back home has been cancelled already. So I have rebooked for an early departure on Friday morning, weather permitting.


Blunts and hoes Thursday for you so.


Course it has :hugging:


My rebooked flight was cancelled as well. Currently I am scheduled to leave at 8pm tomorrow night. FML.


Would you not have got the train?




Just admit you’re a Legia supporter, no need to try and bullshit us with this lark.


forgot it was on.


Wetherspoons in the south terminal of gatwick is closed lads. I repeat closed. Any muldoons over in the London office today making tae for the boss take note


It was chock-a-block there on Wednesday evening, I had any hour before my flight and there were queues outside all of the restaurants, even Nandos.

I had to make do with a sandwiche from Boots :angry:


Have you any self respect?


I’d sooner have gone hungry.