TFK International Business Travel Thread


you are vile




Eating a Sandwich 80 miles from the stately pile of its originator The Earl of Sandwich such Sandwich bought from the Royal chemist Boots The Chemist is as English as Fish and Chips which if Wetherspoons was open is what @Fran would have no doubt chosen.


Ryanair WiFi is cat. It keeps dropping in and out


Why would anyone need wifi ? Most civilised countries have at a minimum 3G coverage now, sure any decent company will pick up the bill for the phone and a few dozen gigabytes.


Have you ever actually flown on an aeroplane?


I’m presuming it’s a short hop why the fuck would you need wifi. A g & t and a flirt with the hostess and your touching down in Shannon.








I have an International Business Trip to Dubbalin, Oireland tomorrow. Can’t wait.


Do you want to stay in my gaff?


Can you bring me back one of those Tobel…, Toblor…, Tobyl…, triangle shaped chocolate bars?


Thanks for the kind offer, but no. I will be landing around 10am and departing around 6pm. In and out, no messing.


If you collect me at the airport you can have one.


Done. I’ll happily drop you out to @Fagan_ODowd’s


I generally take lunch any time between 12pm and 2.15pm depending on how early I get up and what time I have breakfast. Let me know when / where you want to me and we’ll take things from there.


Let’s go for a run.




Balbec surely has 25 minutes free? They could do a handy 4.76k together.