TFK International Business Travel Thread


I’d be very disappointed if I wasn’t doing that in less than 20 minutes.


What’s the weather like in Oireland? Should I bring a raincoat?




On a Cityjet flight earlier that had a toilet with no flush function. Like a portaloo toilet. Is this standard for their planes?

Admins, feel free to move to the relevant aviation thread if more appropriate


Le Havre seems like a bit of a shithole to me


It is


Business travel?



Serious business in Le Havre


Are you working on a ferry?


That’s what the lads selling stationary in Athy say


No, but my line of business sometimes leads me to the type of places where you’d have a sizeable working class community


Sounds like you work for @Juhniallio .


@Tassotti, this spot is riddled with Muslim terrorists. Wall to wall kebab houses and corner shops.

These lads are getting ready to take over the world


Are you a drug dealer?


I dont think so. He might be Buff Egan


KLM flight attendants :heart_eyes:


Male or female?


Can only judge the female ones this morning


Did you enjoy the cheese sandwich?


I haven’t eaten it yet, I woke up and it was on the table beside me so in true roaster form I brought it with me. I’ll probably get another one on the next flight.