TFK International Business Travel Thread


On the red eye to LHR for some facetime with a new client, guys. Shockingly this my first international business trip of 2017.


You’re getting sense Brian


Is there anything better after a long day sporting the green jersey on the mainland?

You get a great class of lager in English airports.


So nice he jazzed on his phone.


Thats a lovely looking glass of beer


‘jazzed’! You posh bastard.


You are on the clock!

Hi, can I have the steak wrapped in steak please?


I’m in Gatwick here and I’m getting targeted by ads on Facebook based on what i was looking at in duty free. That is absolutely savage. It’s savage what they are doing to me. My human rights are surely being violated here


Busy morning on the Shannon/London route with the two big games there this weekend


I’m on the redeye to Scotland soon, there is a large security presence


Jaysus Wetherspoons in Liverpool St Station is wall to wall with chavs downing pints with they’re breakfast’s. I might join them.


I’m going into town today


Bring a brolly, mate


Big time


How much are Weatherspoons charging for a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale ??


Don’t know,the breakfast was £4.95.I. Was as well just eat the menu,at least there would be some taste off that.It reminded me just how bland and shit food is on the mainland.No wonder @Tassotti eats gone off food from Morrison’s,I’d say its hard to tell the difference.


Jesus Christ, were you not able to afford something proper to ate? You wouldn’t give a wetherspoons breakfast to a dog. Would you not have even rang those dirty pakis down in the tunnel for a flask of goat curry?


Checking in from the red eye Copenhagen to london. Travelling onward to Dublin later. Odd to leave Europe to travel to Europe but I’m leveraging the strength of the danish korona versus sterling and hedging this against the euro .
Good trip. Away point in the bag. Not an easy place to get a result from in my industry.


One of the benefits of international business travel is encountering the rich and diverse tapestry of culture along the way. This delightful and of Morris dancers for instance joined me on the red eye this morning. Such a delight for all onboard to have these skilled dancers in our midst


I’m going to Thurles tomorrow so I am