TFK International Business Travel Thread


Signing in from Manchester. Resilient attitude in display across the city. Extra visible police presence on the streets. Anyone I’ve spoken to is more keen than ever to just get on with their lives to throw it in the face of the cunts trying to mess things up. Weird atmosphere for obvious reasons but a great sense of community in the place.

And everyone agrees that Liam Gallagher is a fucking legend :clap:


@mac getting home from Manchester like



Shameful thieving after Twitter flagged this about the Beliebers on Sunday night


I couldn’t find the fucking tweet with the gif in it :joy:


Sure tis no surprise you’re still on the scratcher


Any invisible coppers around?


Yes mate


I’ve saved the company a small fortune since loading up Uber.


Signing in. Getting the stupid o clock flight to brux this morning


That’s career advancement for ya


Which will come to a shuddering halt if I fall asleep in the meeting!


In Brussels? Doubt it.


You haven’t seen the agenda, sleep is a distinct possibility.


Borneo. Hotel room window.




You’re a long way from diddiesbury now mate


I know. I’m.upside down with jet lag.


What’s the time difference flatty?


About 70 years behind


More like 700