TFK International Business Travel Thread


Curates egg of a place. Parts are 100 years behind, parts are twenty ahead.
Like the Midlands apart from.the twenty years ahead bit.


7 hours. It’s plenty.


He wasn’t doubting you’d fall asleep art, more doubting that anyone would notice at an EU meeting.


I think they would’ve today considering there was only 3 at it. Tomorrow may afford a chance for kip as it’s the full complement of member states.


What are you representing us at art? Should we be worried?


Very niche regulation and enforcement.

It’s all good


Heading to Rosslare for a few days with the family. Logging it in this thread as I know that come next Thursday it will have seemed like a weeks work.


odd thing to say about your nearest and dearests


Not that odd surely?


That was the trip not the holiday


Probably one of the advantages of polygamy.
More then two parents to look after the chislers.


You hate spending time with your family brah. Bizarre


Rosslare is in Ireland, mate.


@iron_mike has made some balls of this


An absolute bollox of it


You needed the “Intranational” travel thread


I needed to step away


Signing from Whitehall about to meet some proper sir Humphreys.


don’t let the side down mate


tell them about your upbringing in Humberside bro