TFK International Business Travel Thread


All good mate cheers and I’ve been invited back


Some Muslim chap here washing his feet before prayer in the public toilets at CDG.


Could be worse, he could be smashing his fiat through CDG


AerClub continues to lurch from bad to worse


It’s a fucking joke. Unless it’s last minute, my work related travel is booked through our admin team. They have my Aer Club number and it appears on my tickets, however I never seem to get any tier credits or Avios points for flights booked this way. When I log in and book personal travel directly on the website the tier credits and Avios appear on my account relatively quickly. I couldn’t be arsed manually requesting for the points to be added to my account. A clusterfuck.


Just get a lackey to manually request them for you. Simple


A hairy enough commute earlier to the Grand Duchy for week long planning for 2’18. The propeller powered Lux Air plane had a few hairy moments taking off and landing but what took the biscuit was our company affiliated Mercedes taxi having a blow out on the motorway to Lux city in the pissings of rain without a spare tyre in the boot. Not cool. A good 45 mins of small talk before his colleague arrived to ferry me onwards. Tomorrow is a new day

#strategy #planning #targets


Just in from a half day meeting in Copenhagen, back via AMS into ORK

#decisionmaker #business #jetset


Do you believe in the nonsense that was spouted?

Those multi nationals inflict some shit on employees.


More like #bagcarrying


Waste of money. Why didn’t you have a video conference?


they don’t have proper broadband in oireland


GO paid for it. There was a workshop element to it so wouldn’t work over Skype. Good networking chance too.


Oh, how I loathe you expense report.


Is it a purpose built expenses application you’re using or a dirty spreadsheet solution?

A pain either way I suppose


Ye not on expensify? It’s the biz.


Would you not get your PA to do it for you?


Are you sure he isn’t the PA doing it for a superior?


Started using Concur recently. Its the tits.


I’d charitably describe it as a bespoke expenses solution.