TFK's Far Right - Watch thread (no spongers allowed)

You should be grateful for the hands-off attitude of the state. You are one of the main beneficiaries.


Is Damo and Iver a right winger?

Some craic

Murphy wasn’t backing down to the cunt. Fair play to him.


I’d disagree almost entirely with his politics and think he’s an attention seeking cunt in the main but he didn’t take a backward step there in the face of intimidation. Fair play indeed.

When far left and far right collide :fire::fire::fire:

Who is this salt and pepper fucko? Is he a citizen journalist?

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a landlord renting out to immigrants who also hates immigrants

The ordinary people have had enough of these far right nazi agitators.

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ah lovely, when 2 wankers collide


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Now you said it. Sickening cunts.

Largest hotel in Drogheda, the D Hotel, taking in 500 (five hundred) international protection applicants.

The tourism industry in this country is facing annihilation.

Nobody wants to go to Drogheda mate.


Some Irish National Party goon charged with offences relating to the Dublin riot. Setting a Luas alight & that kind of thing.

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Preventing people from going to Drogheda could save Irish tourism. That’s 500 people who won’t be taking up hotel space in Kerry.


The far right weren’t involved in the destruction. That was just local thugs who had no affiliation to any far right groups.

Hes a good lad is John I’d say. Just in the wrong place at the wrong time. And those National Party flyers just happened to be resting in his possession