TFK's Far Right - Watch thread (no spongers allowed)


Could be roles here for a few lads:

Off the Record! Film crew turns Limerick into Nazi Germany

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That must be a big production, they were down in Cork before and had taken over the Kilmaley GAA setup for a few weeks there when they were shooting in Clare

That’s very disappointing. I thought they had portrayed Limerick as Nazi Germany from the headlines.

Limerick is nothing like Nazi Germany.

We actually got rid of all the Jews.


Limerick efficiency.

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We ran the bastards


Who’s this old lady?

Is she into sociology too?

Enoch Burke is a big Zionist supporter mate


Just an FYI

we are here to protect our women from unvetted male migrants - Oirish creeps are grand though

@ttown_boy @maroonandwhite @padjo

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Posting that creep ‘sound migration’, that’s his literal twitter handle… Cmon mate, you’re better than this

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take it to the woke thread mate

Hold on a second, where is it?.. actually fuck it I’ll do it here, you stupid woke mug

Mastadon :joy: :joy:

Podcast. Launching soon.

Is anybody with a podcast worth a visit from the Gardai and child protection authorities?

Judge Garavan sent Woodland down with his black tea in his mug.