TFK's Far Right - Watch thread (no spongers allowed)

The “but what about all the Irish emigrating over the years” argument is one of the strangest things of the last year or so. The situations couldn’t be more opposite.


Yep this how a nutter ends up in power. Rte defending the government at every turn only makes it worse too.


Irish people built America, Australia and England up, what do these freeloaders coming here burning their passports contribute?


And we blessed the world with Irish pubs

Getting outta hand

There is a serious problem with the far right, say the lefty loons.


Numbers are racist

Anyone with cop on can see this is out of control. Shitshow of epic proportions.

Would you be considered far right if you responded with the majority in that poll?

The lefty headbangers will want to replace the 75% with refugees.


An increase of almost .02% of the population is hugely concerning for the people of Oireland.

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Depends who’s doing the branding

Yup. All far right headbangers. The far right will win an overall majority in the next GE

I don’t think anybody who has an understanding of the term would label that far right, I do think that the far right are delighted to be associated with mainstream opinions because it gives them a nice platform to work off, and it gives the anti Wokies a lovely opportunity for faux/sarcastic indignation

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It’s all good lads, 100k is only 0.02% of 6 million.



The woke media and political classes would certainly think so. Debate being shut down, just as it was during Covid.

With any luck. Common sense left Ireland a long time ago.

Poor Tom got an awful chasing on newstalk yesterday. He believes Ireland can take in 100,000 refugees a year for the next 30 years :smile:

Is Ireland Full? | Newstalk via @NewstalkFM

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This lad claims to be one of the smartest on the forum. :joy:

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