That's it ! everybody in RTE should be executed forthwith




Did you pay for them to be fitted to your gums too or do you just leave them lying around in a clear plastic bag in a drawer?



Michael Colgan got away with a lot.


I’m afraid I’ll have to defer to your superior knowledge of deviancy,


You were very particular and strident about how you had a much superior knowledge of deviancy to me in a previous exchange on this subject.

This is quite the backtrack.


Your fascination with the sex life of married couples you’ve never met is absolutely fascinating to watch.
Coupled with your admission to following a young lady who barely knew of your existence to Aus and your documented desire to eat her menstrual discharge encrusted underwear. You are a fascinating character.


Have you handed yourself into the Gardai yet, mate?

You know, for the serial rape you admitted to?


Sid, enough, ffs like.


It seems you aware of a rape and you are choosing to use it to point score online instead of reporting it. That’s very weird behavior from you. Very very very weird.

If you are aware of a rape then it’s your duty to report it to the Gardai.
Isn’t that right @Matty_Hislop @glasagusban ?


Are you denying the serial rape of your wife?

If so, why did you previously admit to it?

That you clearly see rape as a matter of “point scoring” rather than as a serious crime is a telling insight into your deviant, predatory mindset.

Will you hand yourself in to Gardai?


If you are aware of a rape then it’s your duty to report it.
Only a very weird and demented individual would not report a rape if they had knowledge of one.


Please stop deflecting.

Please deal with the issue, which is that you have admitted to being a serial rapist.


Where did the admit to that, mate?


@HBV logs out, @Ambrose_McNulty logs in. :grin:


Put up a link or shut the fuck up, you disgusting sex pest.


It’s always a good thing for you to shut the fuck up, Ambrose, because you’re a thick idiot.


Ah lads. This is as boring as fuck.
Please grow up.


+1. Very bad taste and out of keeping with the general bonhomie of the forum.


The Walter Mitty that is @HBV utilising his multiple accounts to defend himself is pretty comical, to be fair.

The thing is he’s so slow at typing that he makes it much too obvious.