That's it ! everybody in RTE should be executed forthwith


So what if @HBV is a serial rapist, nobody is perfect, we all have our flaws and little personality kinks.


You know of a rape and you refuse to do anything about it.
That’s just terrible. You are a terrible citizen.
What exactly is your role in society? You contribute little or nothing in any way.


That is correct, pal.


why was George Hook sacked for nothing and this disgusting creep still hasn’t been arrested?


As @croppy_boy has said, nobody has reported Al to the Gards. All the reporting is being done on social media.


@sidney ? Couldn’t be hard to track him down.


who on this site would you like to see assaulted by Kevin Spacey?


As long as I don’t contribute a rape, like you have done, I’m contributing a lot more worthwhile things than you are to society.

Nice to see you using the word “society” by the way, as your history of posting here would strongly indicate you don’t believe in the concept.

So clearly you’re learning something from me, and if I’ve taught you that, that alone is a hell of a lot more worthwhile than anything you’ll have contributed in your entire life.



Then please influence your sidekick to do the right thing.


You followed a young lady to Australia without her knowledge, you claimed that you would die happy if you could get hold of her menstrual discharge stained underwear, you don’t work, you don’t socialize, you are aware of a rape yet you won’t report it.

You are not exactly societies prize asset now are you?


The work I do is far more valuable than any work you’ve ever done in your life, mate. It involves caring for somebody who cannot care for themselves. It might not be especially valuable in a monetary sense but it involves more satisfaction on a human level than anything you have ever done. I can also guarantee you my social life is much better than yours too, because unlike you, I’m not a perverted deviant freak with a misogyny complex, and unlike you, I have coherent, well thought through opinions which I’m able to verbalise very well, and unlike you, I actually like conversing with real friends and real people I meet on nights out.

You apparently now think it’s a crime for one to be in the same country as somebody they have romantic inclinations towards. :grin:

This exposes the rather weird view of the world that you have, where romantic inclinations are disgusting, yet rape is just fine.

You really have tied yourself in knots on this one.

Hopefully you won’t do the same when you’re trying to get your story straight for the Gardai, you filthy, rapist animal.


For such a humanitarian you are a ferocious prick. What a contradiction.





Why is he a prick? Sid is worth 10 of most posters on here.


In volume, certainly.


No mate, following a woman uninvited across the world, based on a glance, is not a crime. It is, however, deeply disturbing behaviour that would be in keeping with someone keenly lacking social skills and indicative of the type of man parents warn their kids about. An utter creep in other words.

You are in no position to comment on anyones romantic life, based on the very strange ramblings you post here.


Did Sidney watch a RomCom or something and think that would be normal behaviour?


@HBV’s romantic life? “Romantic”? You stupid fuck :smile: