That's it ! everybody in RTE should be executed forthwith


Christ, you are slow. @HBV or anyones relationship, it’s irrelevant, a bit like your posting (except for being the butt of many, many jokes)


The fact that you consider serial rape to be “romantic life” would be in keeping with someone keenly lacking social skills and indicative of the type of man parents warn their kids about. An utter creep in other words.

As are all your other posts.

You are in no position to post about anything except perhaps your own idiocy, which nobody is interested in anyway.


I believe in the US an arse is called a butt. And you are a butt. No ifs, no buts, you’re a butt.


Jesus all they have to do is mention you stalking that poor girl to oz and you go off the deep end. Relax. If youre going to give it you should be able to take it.


Give it a fucking rest lads.


Scorching rebuttal, as always. I’m not aware of any rape, you are the one banging on about it, in a now very desperate attempt to deflect from posts illustrating your tragic behaviour.

The fact you talk about rape so much is disturbing enough.


Bitches be crazy


Mondays are absolutely mental on here.


Did you get your Billy Joel tickets yet?


This place is about to implode in upon itself, just enjoy the ride.


This place needs a ride .


Careful now.


I think the slagging of a poster about their wife having cancer, delighting in the deaths of young Irish people in a farm accident and “satirical” ditties about riding the wife of somebody who had just died might rub some people up the wrong way, mate.

Apart from that he’s fine and tries to fight the good fight as he sees it.


Again, you prove yourself to be a moron.

Tragedy generally only occurs as regards a person when something occurs which prevents a person or people achieving a better outcome.

Nothing could ever produce a better outcome for you because you’re so terminally and wilfully stupid.




You wot m8


You threatened to glass ex poster TASE. That was vile


He offered to bring him to the chipper afterwards tbf.


You know, mate.


Exactly. TASE was very lucky.