That's it ! everybody in RTE should be executed forthwith


And I’d do it again if that cunt ever shows his face around here again.


Oh I know what you’re getting at.

And so do you.



Down to the 50s now. He’ll be gutted to see the mass abandonment when he next logs on to change his account settings.


You’ve some fucking neck to be preaching to others after the comments you passed on a poster’s sick wife.


he is learning who his real friends are .


What’s the verdict about these vigilante groups posing as bait for paedos?

There’s something a bit fucked about that as well if you ask me.


Interesting to see a few members of the self-styled “Emma Louise Crew” and “Norga” “gangs” from this forum log angry, virtue signalling messages on his page.

Difficult to virtue signal effectively though when a self-admitted serial rapist lurks in one of those “gangs” and several sympathisers with said serial rapist lurk among the ranks of both of them. These lads are virtue signalling with one potentially molesting hand tied behind their back, you could say.


They’re mostly paedos themselves, I’d say.


dont gay men have some justification for paedophilia?
i think david norris referred to the ancient greeks and commented that back then a trainee soldier was expected to sleep with and pleasure his master, the trainee had to perform and be in receipt of various non penetrable as you would say yourself “acts”…
what is your position on this?


I would certainly say people getting involved in paedo role playing scenarios would need to be watched.


But it’s ok for Sinn Fein and the Provos to polive sexual abuse cartied out by their members in the North?


They were the legitimate police force

Why did Noonan keep quiet btw


When the police forces tried to kill and assault members of a community because of their ethnicity then it’s not surprising that community don’t use them to solve injustice.


Right, right.

So what injustice did they solve? What were the punishments served?


Fuck Sake for the umpteenth time, pederasty not pedophilia, and no, there’s no justification for either. The Catholic Church argues this point that their hordes of deviant priests were all homosexuals and attracted to post pubescent boys, as if raping a 14 year old was somehow more acceptable than a 10 year old.

There’s a long history of deviant cultures and fringe deviants that admire relationships between adult men and teenage boys, the Greeks the most obvious, up to Oscar Wilde and a few notable Irish “artists”.


Jack Yeats?


They’re a bunch of scrotey creeps who delight in having someone to look down on.


Sid is a cunt but it doesn’t mean he’s not a decent poster, I enjoy how he winds up the other cunts.


What exactly has this RTE type been charged with? Legally, can you make these type of charges stick if the intended underage victim didn’t actually exist?


Encouraging a girl aged 13-16 to engage in sexual activity - according to RTE news last night. Will the fact that he’s been exposed in advance not prejudice any trial and work in his favour?