That's it ! everybody in RTE should be executed forthwith

Chilling or just insignificant? We all know the hullabaloo over Mairia Cahill. We had a week of meltdown because a SF member went to another member’s house and asked them to remove a tweet.

But when there are allegations from child sex abuse victims of political interference or the worry of, we look the other way if the wrong political party is implicated. This is the choice by the media I’m afraid.

MM should be hounded on this, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. A former FF minister and cabinet colleague of his was aware of these allegations and did nothing on them. The public should get the same insight to the inner workings of FF as other parties.

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Basketball coach :rofl:

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Whatever he looks like now he was once a basketball coach. He could easily have been a GAA coach or a football coach or a scout leader.
It was something this bag of trash did to give him access to kids and young boys.

I live out that side of Waterford city now and I know people who are friends with some of these abused people. Their whole lives are wrecked from an early age. This is only the tip of it too. There are more who just won’t come forward due to the shame or guilt. People will tell you there are others who are no longer around for whatever reason because of what this c*nt did. And people like guards and TDs turning a blind eye.

A friend of mine grew up on an estate and he was telling me there was this kid a few years older than him that he looked up too. He was big strong good looking young fella that was brilliant at all manner of sports. One of the sports he happened to be good at was basketball. He said at a certain stage around 14 or 15 this lad went be off the rails altogether and totally withdrew from everyone and everything. Became a complete shell of himself. To this day this fella is not right. If this creep had anything to do with it who knows?

These people are trapped with a life of misery and this absolute vile specimen went about his ‘normal’ life for years. And up until recently was denying everything and made all these lads have to give those testimonies in court and having to relive all those moments in their young lives.


A lot of the Erin’s Own lads I knew were well aware of him and his modus operandi. The guards have serious questions to answer about this lad. So do FF and the Kenneallys. Brendan was as thick as a ditch but he wasn’t that thick.


Used he play a bit of soccer too when he was younger. Was it DLS soccer club had a pitch out the dunmore road back in the day. Out near the Uluru? I think parts of Ardkeen village or grange manor could be built in it now.

On this day in history

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Stop all the clocks

Hate to be blunt about it but those people who are in poverty by and large don’t vote, thereby Varadkar and co couldn’t be arsed looking after them.

Maybe they should vote then?

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A tale as old as time that voter turnout in socially deprived areas is usually pretty miserable

Maybe trying something different might be worth a shot.

How do we define higher earners ?

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Anyone not on the scratch it seems.

From what i can see the proposal is to cut the tax between €36.5k and €50k to 30%. Hardly higher earners

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Chance now for @TreatyStones to make the big career jump


“Evelyn Cusack retires after tearing the arse out of it for 42 years”

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if she said it was sunny outside, id open the window and check


Go off there and find out who the first big name to be let go was when Savo took over.