That's it ! everybody in RTE should be executed forthwith


I was wondering that myself could he not just say sure I knew it was them. Presumably his gaff, phone and computers etc will be searched and that might uncover more.


Presume this deviant is married with kids - lives destroyed


The guys in the video looked very confident and seemed to know the law inside out. They have also put a string of nonces behind bars so I’d say they know exactly what they are doing and that their evidence is admissible.

I wonder if the dirty bastard will face extra charges when he gets home after the Gards have had a look at his laptop?


He was bailed yesterday on the provision he stay at home and not come into contact with any children. His FB page is completely open which is surprising as @Bandage pointed out. I guess if he deleted it or marked it as private it would be almost an admission of guilt.

He’s a Leeds fan who is also a Horse Racing fan - what kind of creep could like both of those things? :thinking:


Is he back in Ireland?


I’m going on what I read below. I’d say he’s home. Interesting that there were representations from the media for his address to be published. While the crime he’s committed is fucking disgusting, asking for his address to be published especially if he has a family is fucking low.


The guys in the video looked like a bunch of self entitled slime balls in truth. They made my skin crawl almost as much as your man’s moustache. I could only bear to watch a minute, half of which was them trying to cross the road like starsky and hutch.


I gave up on it about that point too.


I presume the moustache is for Movember, in fairness.


I found it disturbing and very uncomfortable, don’t know how anyone could sit through 40 minutes of it. You can see the realisation on Jimmys face straight away that his life is ruined and his excuse for meeting the girl is just pathetic


I believe some of the people involved in this vigilante group have been victims or have children who were victims of child abuse. While their self righteousness grates a little its hard to argue with the results.


If it was results they were after they would have informed the police.
How does live streaming help “results”?
It’s more likely now that such behaviour will simply become even more covert, and hence more dangerous. I’d argue that their self aggrandisement in this case has warned off several predators.


Predetors will always find a way, they evolve like the reptiles they are


They did inform the police. Your man was arrested.
Is warning off predators not a good thing? Bottom line is this cunt won’t be in a position to harm children again for a long time.


They did, but they made sure they were there first to live stream the event. There were a lot of civilian casualties as a result. They are a pack of utter cunts.


I don’t understand the civilian casulties reference?


I watched that video of them confronting the RTE fella in Leeds to the end. Its a tough watch. Here you have a vigilante group creating a fictitious profile of a 13yr old girl to essentially honey trap an older man. Whilst yes yer man appears to be caught red handed something doesn’t sit right. I suppose its the very aggressive approach they take with him and their gleeful nature that they’ve played a starring role in ruining someone’s life. Its harrowing to watch yer man when the moment hits his eyes that he’s been set up and his life is ruined for ever. I’m not saying I’ve sympathy for him but its just scary to watch someone who has lived a crime free life to 40 something and then its all come crumbling down in front of your eyes.

It seems like this sticks in the UK despite no physical crime committed and no real victim, because this group has done this before. There is just intent and that wouldn’t stick in Oireland I’m sure and he’d avoid jail in this great little country.


41 Facebook friends now. I’d say most of those are dormant accounts - people who haven’t used Facebook since around 2011. I’d say he could do with a couple of friend requests to perk himself up and avert this slide.


also, by charging a person and naming them for such a heinous act is this as good as a guilty verdict been passed down without trial?
you would think an individual’s name would be withheld until found guilty which leads me to a question before pressing charges would the police need to have overwhelming evidence?
the turnaround here was swift also, how long before FOTF Tom Humphries was named and charged from the time the police became aware of the case?.. was it <48 hours? i doubt it
it seems here that either the justice system was heavily influenced by the mob or the police in the UK deal with these issues a lot quicker than in oireland cc @Tassotti

also - in prison- these lads go into protective custody i understand, whereas say if @glasagusban was caught with a load of coke he’d end up in the joy and have the arse rode off him… surely they should be sent to general population in prison and left fend for themselves


I get the argument that it affects his family etc but as difficult as the fallout will be for them it’s better than some young child being defiled and her life being destroyed.

They seem to have admissible evidence, the pictures, chats etc.

I watched it last night. I don’t think there even came a time during the conversation when he looked even slightly rattled. For a man supposedly outed and facing life changing consequences he stayed remarkably calm. Definitely a wrong 'un.

The people running that page have caught a few of these people. As long as what they are doing is legal and assists the authorities I don’t have any issue with them.

If this makes other nonces think twice about contacting kids then it’s only a good thing.