That's it ! everybody in RTE should be executed forthwith



They should have gone to ballymaloe.


Just watched some of that video now it’s hard viewing


Hardly the time or the place for chip on the shoulder bashing of England from Paddy Irishman.

These boys seem to be doing a great shop in outing sick paedos. More power to them.


Great post. I found it most disturbing.


no, im serious
i dont understand the use of the term in this context at all in your post, its a fair question , the inverted commas are reflecting the quotation


i mean we cant be targeting lads who have spent large periods of time in Asia working with young people all with the same brush

agreed on dunph’s post tho, nail on head
not sure what lads were saying that he didnt appear rattled, he was at n-1 stage, there was barely a coherent word out of him and he looked scared … he was effectively taken hostage by a group of scumbags and tried to play it cool,
that was not nice viewing …


there was a similar incident in Naas recently where a vigilante group caught out a fella there. He was an utter simpleton though and it was clear he was a bit dim, or at worst severely uneducated.


Little Irelander = pretend ira lads


You want to see the difference in how these things are handled in Ireland?

A Garda spokeswoman said: “We are aware of two reported incidents and they are under investigation.
“No one has been arrested.”

Senior sources say that investigations are ongoing and as part of the investigation it will be decided whether to raid their homes, and attempt to take possession of their computers and any other relevant issues that arise.

We’ll have a think about it for a while and if the lads haven’t gotten rid of their computers in the meantime we might take them off them.


It’s curious to see how things change. When I was very young an old man called Jack used to come into the school grounds every lunch time and sit on the window sill of the school hall and hand out pennies to the boys. We’d flock around Jack in the hope of getting a penny. I’m not aware that Jack ever did anything untoward but it was in hindsight bizarre behaviour and even more bizarre that the school let this go on day in day out for years.


Bizarre comment.


but most relevant


How so?


We’re waiting on a delivery of flathead screwdrivers so we can open up de computhers and see what’s in there.



Maybe seeing young boys in short pants run around getting sweaty was enough to get old Jack off


This is the really creepy part. If they’re going to all that trouble to set up these fake profiles of young girls, they must be using some fairly sexually explicit photos of young girls to entice men.

You’d think that potential paedos would hardly send photos of themselves over the INTERNET and agree to meet up in a public place without getting photographs in return.

If this group are not using sexually explicit photos, then what photos are they using? Are they just using random photos of random 13 year old girls they’ve taken off the INTERNET?



Perhaps you could set up a decoy account to try to expose the decoy accounts which were set up to expose Creaven and the likes?