That's it ! everybody in RTE should be executed forthwith


disgusting, check out the video of this disgusting pervert


Unfortunate headline.


That video is disturbing. Looks like the gays were covering this up for years. Was Porter stripping to his bollix as standard during his pantos? @Matty_Hislop was a big fan of this carry on. ‘Al is tremendous fun’ he said on here recently.


Jesus, like why?!


You’re getting desperate now pal.


disgusting little cunt

why hasn’t @glasagusban made a statement yet?


Creaven is pleading guilty this morning





18 months this lad got ffs.

@Tassotti what kind of country is it at all. Convicted admitted paedophile gets 18 fucking months


Would the fact he was caught by one of those paedo hunter groups have any impact on the sentence?


I wouldnt know. Its still ridiculous i thought he would get 10 years


I think 8 years is about average for rape.


Even for paedophaelia?


Look on the bright side. If it was over here it would have been suspended


Was he charged with the intent to or actually carrying it out?


I don’t want to get in a position of trying to defend this guy here, but he didn’t rape anyone? What was he convicted of?


He thought he was going to a hotel to met up with a 13 year old to spend the night with her armed with a box of johnnies. He was set up by some paedo hunters and has admitted to some disgusting stuff in court.

It’s ridiculous that he will be out in 18 months. Way too light that sentence.


Again, not defending…but you can’t convict some one in what they might have done…he could also have changed his mind etc. etc. I’m not agreeing with the 18 months either …


in oireland he would have carried out his sick fantasy and would be still free