That's it ! everybody in RTE should be executed forthwith


His life is ruined, that’s as much as could’ve been hoped for in this case,


He pleaded guilty, he’s not disputing what his intent was.


This cunt should be locked up for life. “His life is ruined” Jesus wept. A new low for the forum.


But he didn’t do it… I agree 18 months is too lenient and he should be going to therapy as part of it… But we can’t make a precedent of sentencing people for what they might have done… People have the ability to change their mind and not carry out said act despite intentions… extensive therapy should added to any sentence in such cases.


This is brilliant, I feel I could say just about anything now and you’ll take the other side :rofl:
You can’t be ‘locked up for life’ for this sicko’s crime, much as we’d all love it.


We can and we have. Criminal intent is well-established in case law at this stage.


Your an odd individual.


You know what I mean…but work away if you need to be right.


I live in the real world, I understand that the concept is odd to you. You cannot lock this guy up for life no matter how much populist bullshit you howl. But I’m glad that his life is ruined


I think any normal striaght forward person was hoping for a lot more than his life being ruined.


He was charged with 2 counts of child sexual abuse so obviously did something. He pleaded guilty and admitted his intentions. You’d almost wonder was he given a lenient sentence as he complied and there could be much worse he’s done which wasn’t uncovered


18 months, ffs the cunt should be doing 10 years.

Fairplay to the crowd that caught him out…sick cunt.


Look, I was speaking realistically, he was never going to receive a long custodial sentence, i wish he did but it’s just not realistic, should he have the shit beaten out of him and his cock chopped off? Of course but it’s the real world and there was no victims (real) family to be enraged enough to take the law into their own hands.
His life is ruined, you should be thankful for that, there’s thousands of him walking around and nobody has a clue.


Your internet persona is more highly regarded when you spout the populist lines.




You live online pal, you have no friends or no life.


You’re becoming increasingly strange.


I’ll bate the heart and soul out of you.


Fuck… It’s just dawned on me… I know who @backinatracksuit is… I’ve spent time in his company … eeeek…


That’s weird alright, sure didn’t I tell you about a year ago?